PT Agincourt Resources believes in the power of people. We value individuals of diverse backgrounds, capabilities, approaches and ideas, and we demonstrate this by seeking to develop and retain a diverse workforce. We encourage an inclusive environment that promotes individual expression, innovation and achievement.

Since 2016, PT Agincourt Resources has worked to advance diversity and equality in all of our activities by actively promoting diversity and attracting and retaining numerous talents, creating an environment where everyone is valued, respected and belongs.

The aim is to establish a pervasive culture across the organisation where diversity is embraced as the norm, where both women and men work positively and productively together to build a more successful company.

Equal Employment Opportunities

Recruit, hire, train, and promote without regard to race, colour, religion, gender, especially for local origin.

Seeking and Retaining the Highest Qualities

Skills, experience, motivation and attitude as a reflection of our GREAT Values.

The Best Working Environment

Gender Policy is in place to ensure a positive and productive workplace free of harassment and discrimination and enhanced by dignity and respect.

Proud of Our Diverse Workforce

Diversity enriches our performance, the communities where we live and work, and the lives of our employees.


The opportunity to participate in and contribute to key committees and to serve on the board and in senior leadership roles.


718 or 20.88%

of the total workforce in PTAR & Contractors

24 or 10.4%

in managerial roles of PTAR


were appointed Commissioner and Director of PTAR


To maintain the Company’s social license to operate and to benefit from its operations, PTAR is committed to providing local communities with employment opportunities at the Martabe Gold Mine.

Through the establishment of PTAR’s Marsipature ‘let us build’ employee development programme, we aim to increase local employment opportunities and future career opportunities for local employees.

Marsipature strategy consists of improvement, technical, practical training and capacity-building activities to empower local employees and to provide them with access to a broader range of employment and career opportunities.