Types of creams to enhance erection, recommendations for use

Types of creams to enhance erection, recommendations for use


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Types of creams to enhance erection, recommendations for use

there are levitra 5mg 28 comprimidos para uso diario precio many ways to improve erection. Injections, pills, creams. The latter are also different. How does application advice work?

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It is quite difficult to make a certain rating of the popularity of external means for increasing erection, since the action of any of them is individual for each man..

The following are most commonly used:

Types of creams to enhance erection, recommendations for use

Himkolin. Indian phyto-based cream with oils. Good for increasing the duration of sexual intercourse lloyds pharmacy kamagra;

Tongkat Ali Platinum. It has an absolutely natural composition. Increases arousal by dilating blood vessels in the genitals;

balm-cream Hammer of the Torah. Contains natural aphrodisiacs – ginseng, ginkgo biloba extract. Promotes aggravation of tactile sensations;

maxoderm. Vitamin erection stimulant, significantly accelerates blood circulation;

“Persian Shah”. Made from extracts of chestnut and ginseng. Produced in Russia;

Erecta Prompt.

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Despite the fact that it contains only synthetic components, it has no contraindications. Recommended for particularly sensitive skin of the penis;

Eromax gel. It retains male power for more than an hour kamagra gold 50mg, but it must also be applied no later than half an hour before sexual contact;

tarangi Erectile, which contains ginger, cloves, cumin, barberry. suitable for long-term use;

Med 2002. In addition to the stimulating effect, potency ointment tengo problema de ereccion has bactericidal properties. Able to resist levitra effect duration sexually transmitted infections;

spray The Hard Gold Gun. Easy to apply, used more often than an ejaculation regulator;

nitroglycerin ointment. The drug was originally intended for the treatment of hemorrhoids, but turned out to be an effective tool for high-quality erection, thanks to the vasodilating factor.

For the prevention and long-term treatment of sexual problems, compress procedures for the penis are recommended. As an active ingredient, honey balm is used, made independently according to the prescription of alternative medicine..

For cooking:

liquid honey – 1.5-2 teaspoons;

propolis – 150 gr.;

ghee or butter – 150-180 gr.

All components are thoroughly mixed, and infused for 3 days (outside the refrigerator). The agent is applied to a napkin, and applied tadalafil oxytocin pt-141 reviews to the genitals for a couple of hours.

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The duration of the course is 30 days. As a means of rapid action is not used.

Important: All of the above remedies do not have a lasting therapeutic effect. With serious pathologies, they are used as an addition to the main treatment. As helpers in an emergency (the need to quickly increase potency) and to improve the quality of sexual relations, these drugs give a very good result..

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The advantages and disadvantages of topical erection enhancement drugs are obvious. However, without first consulting a doctor, the use of these funds is not recommended. The doctor must know the kamagra kgr 100 etiology of sexual dysfunction. It could be psycho-emotional problems. Then treatment should not begin with buy tadalafil 20mg online strengthening male dignity, but with adjusting the psychological state.

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