The 7th Martabe Gold Mine Free Cataract Surgery “Open Eyes, See the Beauty of the World” Succeeds in Returning Sight to 1,123 Eyes

Oct 18, 2018

Batangtoru, October 18, 2018 –The free eye examination and cataract surgery program held by PT Agincourt Resources, the operator of Martabe Gold Mine this year has succeeded in returning eye sights and hopes of 1,123 eyes of 842 people. For all the series of activities this year, Martabe Gold Mine spent US$ 130,000. Out of the total, cataract surgery was carried out on 1,072 eyes and pterygium on 51 eyes. The surgery patient comes from various regions such as Medan, Sibolga, Central Tapanuli, South Tapanuli, Mandailing Natal, Padang Lawas, Padang Lawas Utara, and North Tapanuli.

President Director of Agincourt Resources Tim Duffy expected that after the surgery the patients could return to their activities and have better productivity. “We believe that this free examination and cataract surgery can give a sustainable impact, not only on the patients who have successfully taken the surgery, but also on their respective families and communities,” Tim Duffy explained.

Furthermore, Tim Duffy expressed his appreciation and gratitude to all parties who have helped in running the series of free eye examination and cataract surgery this year, which were A New Vision (ANV) and the Military Area Command (Kodam) I Bukit Barisan, and also all volunteers, which were the employees of PT Agincourt Resources and the students of various universities in Padangsidempuan and Medan.

Senior Manager Corporate Communications PT Agincourt Resources Katarina Siburian Hardono added that the total number of eyes successfully operated this year exceeded the total of last year, which was 908 eyes of 627 people. Even though the surgery has been succeeded, Katarina expected that the patients and their families duly take care of post surgery treatment, which included use of medication according to advice and maintaining cleanliness of the eyes.

“The patients may not consume alcohol, smoke, and take other physical activities that can interfere with eye recovery. If all these are complied with, the eye sight will get brighter and the eye will function maximally,” said Katarina.

Rukiyah (42 years old) admitted that she was happy she could see again after taking the free cataract surgery. She now can help her husband who works as a farmer. “I have no fear about the surgery. Instead, I am happy. I am more worried if I become blind and make things difficult for my children. Better yet, this surgery is free. I wouldn’t be able to afford it if I have to pay by myself,” said the woman from Kuala Tanjung, Batubara.

Armansyah Tarepa (15 years old) also said the same thing. He suffered from cataract after his left eye was hit by a ball from his friend when playing rounders. Armansyah had to run his daily activities relying on his right eye only. “The family got panicked. My parents were worried about a surgery because it would be costly and the process would be long. We also tried alternative method such as using sugar cane drop, but it did not work. Now I can see again, and I want to be a soldier,” said Armansyah who came from Sorkam, Central Tapanuli.

Martabe Gold Mine has held the free eye examination and cataract surgery since year 2011. Until now, the events have returned the eye sights of 8,434 eyes of 7,131 people. Martabe Gold Mine will keep the commitment to give hope and improvement of life quality to the people, in particular those in the directly impacted villages.


Photo 1: Rukiyah (42 years old) can smile again after successfully taking the free cataract surgery.


Photo 2: Armansyah Tarepa (15 years old) with another participant of the Martabe Gold Mine free cataract surgery.


Photo 3: President Director PT Agincourt Resources Tim Duffy helped rechecking the eye sight and boosting the spirit of the patients after the free cataract surgery.


Photo 4: President Director of PT Agincourt Resources Tim Duffy and Senior Manager Corporate Communications Katarina Siburian Hardono took picture together with the Commander of the Military Resort 023/KS Colonel Inf. Muhammad Fadjar among the opening eye patches in the Martabe Gold Mine free cataract surgery event.


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