Martabe Prestasi Scholarship 2024/2025 Applications Open Now! 

The scholarship has been awarded annually since 2017, and by 2023, the total value of scholarships disbursed has reached Rp8.4 billion, benefiting a total of 1,634 recipients, from elementary school to university level. 

The Martabe Prestasi Scholarship is a community development and empowerment (PPM) program from PT Agincourt Resources, the operator of the Martabe Gold Mine. The program aims to improve access to education for high-achieving and committed students from low-income families in South Tapanuli Regency and Padangsidimpuan City, enabling them to pursue higher education. 

The 2024 Martabe Prestasi Scholarship registration, themed “Building Hope Together, Realizing Dreams”, consists of two categories:

    1. Sustained Achievement Award (PPB) Category for high school students and university students, both regular and special programs.
    2. Academic Achievement Award (PPA) Category for elementary school and middle school students. 

Complete information on the Scholarship Program of Martabe Gold Mine is as follows:

Academic Achievement Award Category (PPA) for Elementary and Middle School Level

The Registration Form

For elementary school students

For elementary school students
Registration form

For elementary school students

For middle school students
Registration form 

Sustained Achievement Award Category (PPB) Regular and Special 

The Registration Form

PPB Regular High School/Equivalent Level 

Registration Form


PPB Regular University Level for South Tapanuli (Batangtoru and Muara Batangtoru Districts) and PPB Regular National University Level outside South Tapanuli 

Registration form


PPB Special National Leading University Level with Recommended Majors 

Registration form

Further information

Martabe Prestasi Committee – PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR)
Jl. Merdeka Barat Km 2,5 Aek Pining KelurahanBatangtoru, South Tapanuli, North Sumatra 22738

081370038191 - Laung Lubis

08126068998 - Nurhanifah Pulungan