Batangtoru, 26 February 2020 – PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR), the operator of Martabe Gold Mine, handed over construction of Martabe suspension bridge and sweet corn production facility managed by Karya Mulia Bhakti Cooperative, both located a the Village of Sumuran, the Subdistrict of Batangtoru, the Regency of South Tapanuli, on Wednesday (27/2). As addition to the presence of PT Agincourt Resources management, the inauguration of this project was also attended by the regent of South Tapanuli, Syahrul Pasaribu and a number of the officers of the service offices of the government of the Regency of South Tapanuli.

The Martabe suspension bridge that spans 70 meters over the Garoga River, the Village of Sumuran, was constructed to help the residents of the Village of Sumuran. Before the Martabe suspension bridge exists, the farmer and residents must cross the river to get to and return from their rice fields. And to haul their produce, the farmers must use a wire rope to cross the various commodities to bring home. During heavy rain and when the Garoga River overflowed, the farmers and the residents must walk quite far to cross the river. Safety aspect wise, the activities of the farmers and residents became highly precarious and risky, in particular during a heavy rain.

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The Senior Manager Community Relations of PTAR, Pramana Triwahjudi said that the PTAR infrastructure aid in form of this suspension bridge would help the farmers to access the rice fields more safely and comfortably. “At least more than 90 farmers will enjoy direct benefit, and the suspension bridge will open access for at least 60 hectares of farms a Sikuakua ,” said Pramana.

Pramana explained that in construction of Martabe Sumuran suspension bridge, PTAR collaborated with the Regional Public Works and Spatial Planning of the Regency of South Tapanuli in designing and calculating the suspension bridge construction cost. Construction began at 17 December 2019 together with the Regional Public Works and Spatial Planning of the Regency of South Tapanuli, Forkopimca (the Subdistrict Leader Communication Forum) of the Subdistrict of South Tapanuli, the Forkopimca of the Subdistrict of Batangtoru, the BPP of the Subdistrict of Batangtoru, the heads of villages, the representatives of farmers groups, and the management of PTAR. Total construction cost was Rp 860 million and construction time was 50 days. Construction of Rambin was executed by CV Hijau Damai Lestari, a local contractor assisted by PTAR under supervision from the Office of Public Works and Public Housing and PTAR, where more than 40 local workers were involved in this project.

Meanwhile, the community development project in form of corn processing facility for post-harvesting activity was also inaugurated to be managed by the Karya Mulia Bhakti Cooperative in the Village of Sumuran, the Subdistrict of Batangtoru. This facility comprises a drying platform, a rice production facility warehouse, product storage, corn kernel removal machines, fan machine, engine room, office building, and toilet. According to Permana, this facility was managed by the Karya Mulia Bakti Cooperative. “Drying capacity reaches 2 tons while product storage reaches 3 tons, with total construction cost of more than Rp 200 million, said Pramana.

Pramana added that at least 60 farmers would get direct benefits, and more than 50 ha of corn fields would use this facility. The majority of Karya Mulia Bakti Cooperative members plant corns to process into animal feed, and then they took the initiative to be a sweet corn center in Batangtoru. Currently there are ± 30 ha of land planted wit corn on every planting season. They also have 1 ha corn seeding area to reach independence in local and superior seeds. Other than within the Batangtoru local area, the marketing area has reached Sibolga, Padangsidimpuan, and Medan, with varying diversification of products.

The Director of Operations of PTAR Darryn McClelland said that the inauguration of the two PTAR community development programs was part of economy improvement program in particular in the agriculture sector for the people near Martabe Gold Mine area. Darryn asserted that the company would continue to commit to keep the spirit alive on improvement of people’s life quality, in particular those living in the vicinity of the mine, especially in infrastructure, economy, and other sectors.

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“PT Agincourt Resources is committed to give continuous long term positive social benefits for all local stakeholders through various development prorams that match the needs of the people,” Darryn said firmly.

The Regent of South Tapanuli Syahrul M. Pasaribu expressed his gratitude to PT Agincourt Resources for its contribution for the people of Sumuran village in construction of the suspension bridge. “We are grateful that PTAR as a company that manages natural resources in Batangtoru keeps holding to its commitment to actualize a community development program and the CSR program at the directly impacted areas, and this is one example. We certainly expect that the life of the people will improve in the future,” said Syahrul.

PT Agincourt Resources Handed Over Two CSR Projects Valued at More than Rp 1 billion: Martabe Sumuran Suspension Bridge & Sweet Corn Production Facility

The Director of Operations of PTAR, Darryn McClelland with the regent of South Tapanuli, Syahrul M. Pasaribu symbolically inaugurated the Martabe Sumuran suspension bridge at the Village of Sumuran, the Subdistrict of Batangtoru, the Regency of South Tapanuli, Wednesday (26/2).