Environment Day 2021 Martabe Gold Mine Strengthens Biodiversity Conservation Commitment

Jul 5, 2021

Batangtoru, 2 July 2021–PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR), the operator of Martabe Gold Mine strengthens its commitment to continue contributing to the biodiversity conservation around the mine’s operational area. Some of these are through studies in collaboration with independent environmental experts and researchers, the implementation of the Code of Practice of Biodiversity Management, and routine monitoring of flora and fauna.

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This was conveyed by PTAR Director External Relations, Sanny Tjan during the closing, and also the highlight of the 2021 Environment Day Seminar with the theme of Sustainable Biodiversity is the Key. This seminar was attended by the Head of South Tapanuli District, H. Dolly Putra Parlindungan Pasaribu, S.Pt., M.M., Chief Inspector of Mines, Directorate General of Mineral and Coal of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (KESDM) Dr Lana Saria, M.Sc., Head of ESDM Agency of North Sumatra Province, Ir. Zubaidi M.Sc., and PTAR Senior Manager Processing, Wira Dharma Putra.

This seminar presented two spokespersons namely the Junior Expert Mine Inspector of KESDM, Jajat Sudrajat, ST, M.Sc., and Head of Environmental Agency of North Sumatra Province, dr. Tengku Amri Fadli, M.Kes., and was moderated by PTAR Environment Manager, Mahmud Subagya. “As world-class gold mining and implementing sustainable business, the environmental management at Martabe Gold Mine has so far fulfilled all obligations set by the central and local governments, including various aspects such as water management, tailings, air monitoring, to the safe and stable mine closure plan. Through the Code of Practice of the Biodiversity Management, our operations are expected to be able to mitigate the impacts and have contributions to the biodiversity conservation,” explained Sanny.

The Code of Practice of the Biodiversity Management is a strict rule of the company among which all employees and contractors are prohibited from hunting and catching wild animals in the Martabe Gold Mine’s operational area. This code of practice also ensures the land rehabilitation practice after being used, and that new land clearing has to minimize the disturbance of wildlife. In fact, not only for biodiversity on the land but also the Batangtoru River is continuously maintained namely by independent research and monitoring from the University of Sumatera Utara (USU) periodically. The monitoring and supervision of the processed water flow of Martabe Gold Mine to the Batangtoru River involving the monitoring by Integrated Team consisting of various elements of community and South Tapanuli District Government.

Since 2016, PTAR has been collecting specimens to identify Batangtoru native plants through the Herbarium collection book. This collection book is expected to help the wider community to identify the flora diversity that must be preserved and conserved. This book also becomes a contribution to the flora research world in Indonesia and can be used as a reference for learning and teaching activities in schools, universities, and large groups of botanists collaborating in researching specific specimens or other institutions that require it

In 2020, PTAR also supported the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) and Natural Resources Conservation Centre (BBKSDA) to release the Sumatran tiger, Sri Nabila, to the Gunung Leuser National Park and collaborated with Yayasan Scorpion Indonesia to monitor the wild animal presence especially those which are protected around the mine area, and also provided education to the community regarding the biodiversity protection in Batangtoru.

“PTAR’s contributions to the biodiversity conservation efforts have received various awards, one of which in 2019 was the Best Award for the category of Land Use and Biodiversity for the company’s efforts and commitment to rehabilitate and restore the forest ecosystem from Global Initiatives, PwC Singapore and Indonesia. In addition, other awards are from the Directorate General of Mineral and Coal of KESDM namely Silver for the Environmental Management of Mineral and Mines. PTAR also won the Blue PROPER award from KLHK and Silver award from KESDM,” detailed Sanny.

Throughout 2020, PTAR rehabilitated a total of 3.81 hectares, exceeding the target in the PTAR Reclamation Plan of 2017-2021 that was approved by KESDM, namely 3.34 hectares. Furthermore, last year, PTAR also stabilized an area of 35.5 hectares with the cover crops and planted 2,886 seeds. The PTAR Environment Department has also prepared for a total of 5,828 seeds from the 45 plant species in the Nursery Facility.

During the seminar, symbolically, PTAR, represented by Senior Manager Processing Wira Dharma Putra, handed over a total of 500 seeds of sengon, trembesi, and waru to the Government of South Tapanuli Regency. The Regent of South Tapanuli Regency, Dolly Putra Parlindungan Pasaribu appreciated the environmental management efforts conducted by PTAR.

“However, I hope that PTAR also invites other stakeholders, especially the community to raise awareness to maintain the ecosystem and biodiversity, to be optimal,” said Dolly. The Chief Inspector of Mines, Directorate General of Mineral and Coal of KESDM, Lana Saria said in the future, KESDM will increase the mining industrial contributions to biodiversity conservation, among others through reclamation, rehabilitation, and so forth. “The sustainable biodiversity is the key to creating the balanced ecosystem, providing benefits for life, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing air pollution, and food sources,” Lana concluded.

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In commemoration of the Environment Day 2021, using a theme of “Biodiversity and The Balance of Ecosystem”, PTAR held various activities, among which are tree planting in Sabar Dump, and several internal competitions namely Virtual Bio Green Run, video and article writing competitions, and working area clean up the competition. The series of commemorations was held starting from 25 May until 24 June 2021.

Foto Seminar Hari Lingkungan Hidup 2021 PTAR


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