Martabe Gold Mine Holds the First Stage of Gotong Royong Vaccination

Jul 27, 2021

Batangtoru, 26 July 2021 — PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR), the operator of Martabe Gold Mine holds the first stage of the Gotong Royong (Mutual Cooperation) Vaccination program which takes place on Sunday, 25 July 2021 until Tuesday 27 July, at Martabe Gold Mine, South Tapanuli District, North Sumatra. This vaccine administration program of Sinopharm type targets 900 employees of PTAR and contractors along with their families which is held within the area of Permata Gate Terminal and Shelter at Martabe Gold Mine site. As many as 226 people successfully received the vaccines on the first day of this Gotong Royong Vaccination program.

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Rahmat Lubis, PTAR General Manager Operations said, that vaccination activity is part of Gotong Royong Vaccination program inaugurated by President Joko Widodo on 18 May 2021. According to Rahmat, the implementation of this Gotong Royong Vaccination program is a realization of PTAR commitment to prioritize the protection for all employees and their families from the Covid-19 virus exposure.

We do hope through the implementation of this Gotong Royong Vaccination program, besides participating in succeeding the government’s program, the productivity of all PTAR’s employees and contractors’ employees can also be improved as well as to support the national economic recovery through this mining industry,” said Rahmat. Rahmat said the Gotong Royong Vaccination program held at Martabe Gold Mine is carried out in collaboration with PT Kimia Farma Diagnostika (KFD), which is a subsidiary of PT Kimia Farma Tbk (KAEF). So far Kimia Farma is a company that distributes and administers the Gotong Royong Vaccination in the mining sector.

Previously, according to Rahmat, there were 599 employees consisting of 329 employees of PTAR and 270 employees of contractors at Martabe Gold Mine site receiving the second dose of vaccine on 16 July 2021 through the vaccination program in collaboration with the Health Agency of South Tapanuli and the Resort Police of South Tapanuli District. The vaccine type used is Sinovac of which the first dose administration was carried out on 18 June 2021. Thus, as of 23 July 2021, the total employees of PTAR (FIFO, local, and Jakarta office employees) and contractors’ employees who have received the first dose of vaccine are 1,002 people, while those who have received the second dose of vaccine administration are 642 people.

In a separate place, PTAR Senior Manager Corporate Communications, Katarina Siburian Hardono expressed her gratitude and appreciation to the Indonesian Government that has held the Gotong Royong Vaccination program so that private parties are allowed to participate, especially mining companies like PTAR which is the National Vital Object. Katarina wished this vaccination program can provide comfort and peace to work for all employees of PTAR and contractors at Martabe Gold Mine. “We do hope that herd immunity at Martabe Gold Mine can be achieved,” said Katarina.

In this Covid-19 pandemic period, according to Katarina, Martabe Gold Mine continues to commit to striving for employees’ health and safety while maintaining gold production that is safe and beneficial for all stakeholders. PTAR cooperating with various parties such as health contractors of International SOS and PT Prodia Widyahusada Tbk, and also with the Government Health Agency of South Tapanuli District, as well as the Task Force of Covid-19 Mitigation and Acceleration of South Tapanuli has designed a health protocol process for all employees to continue maintaining the continuity of Martabe Gold Mine production.

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Katarina affirmed, PTAR has and will continue to regularly perform the body temperature screening of all employees, health examination through antigen swab and PCR, physical health examination, and isolation/quarantine. All procedures are conducted for all employees before working at the mine site. The Company commits to keeping the work location in Martabe Gold Mine free from Covid-19 virus transmission. The Company continuously socializes both to employees and the community around the mine site to maintain their and their families health and obey the health protocol from the local government and the Covid-19 task force. Furthermore, the Company also continues to encourage the employees and contractors to receive the vaccine. Up to August 2021, PTAR is targeting more than a thousand employees of PTAR and contractors to be able to receive the vaccines.



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