Agincourt Resources Wins Four Awards 
These Awards are both National and International 

Oct 27, 2021

The 2021 Subroto Award held online, Tuesday September 28, 2022 

Jakarta, 29 September 2021 — PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR), operator of the Martabe Gold Mine, won a prestigious award at the national event, namely the 2021 Subroto Award for Compliance with Mineral and Coal Non-Tax State Revenue. PTAR gained the top place in the Mandatory Payer category with the highest compliance level for payment in the sub-category of Contract of Work holders. 

The award was presented online by Arifin Tasrif, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, and was received by PTAR Director External Relations, Sanny Tjan, Tuesday, 28 September 2021. The Subroto Award was previously won by PTAR in 2019. 

PTAR Director External Relations Sanny Tjan expressed her gratitude for the appreciation given by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources: 

We are proud to be part of the stakeholders in the Energy and Mineral Resources sector who are considered to have performed very well, especially in terms of compliance in reporting, royalty payments, reclamation guarantees, and mine closure guarantees in accordance with the appropriate value and in timely manner. 

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Arifin Tasrif stated that the Subroto Award is the highest award in the energy and mineral resources sector given to stakeholders who have performed the best in advancing the energy and mineral resources sector in Indonesia. Professor Subroto, for whom the award is named, had great enthusiasm in advancing the energy and mineral resources sector in Indonesia. According to Arifin, the energy and mineral resources sector has an important role in the national economy. Given strategic policies and their achievements, energy and mineral resources performance has risen so that as of July this year, the contribution of the energy and mineral resources sector contributed IDR 141 trillion to state revenue, 103% of that in the same period last year. The Energy and Mineral Resources investment sector has reached $USD12.3 billion. 

The on-line implementation of the 2021 Subroto Award which began on Tuesday September 28, 2022 and was part of a series of activities for the 76th Mining and Energy Anniversary with the theme Growing Energy, Powerful Energy. In this the fourth event, 104 winners of the 11 Award Fields received the 2021 Subroto Awards. 


Other Awards 

The 2021 Subroto Award held online, Tuesday (28/9)

PTAR received the Governor of North Sumatra Covid-19 Workplace Prevention and Handling Award presented directly by the North Sumatra Provincial Government Manpower Service in Padangsidimpuan, Wednesday September 22, 2022. 

In Padangsidempuan on Wednesday 22 September 2021, PTAR also received the Covid-19 Workplace Prevention and Handling Program Award of the Gold category from the North Sumatra Provincial Government. The award certificate which was signed by Governor of North Sumatra Edy Rahmayadi and was handed over directly by H. Baharuddin Siagian, SH, M. Si., Head of the North Sumatra Manpower Agency, to Anny Nasution, PTAR’s Human Resources Department team. 

Baharudin Siagian stated his appreciation: 

The purpose of giving this Award is to motivate company compliance in implementing the Covid-19 health protocols in the workplace and to motivate companies to remain consistent and disciplined in implementing the Covid-19 health protocol. The assessment of this award was carried out very strictly by the North Sumatra Manpower Agency to ensure that the report data is in accordance with the programs that have been implemented in the prevention and handling of Covid-19 in the work environment and also the compliance with following health protocols from the Ministry of Health and from the Regional Disaster Management Agency. Out of hundreds of candidates, only 21 companies received the Gold award, including PTAR. 

PTAR Corporate Communications Senior Manager Katarina Siburian Hardono expressed her gratitude for this appreciation and award from the North Sumatra Provincial Government: 

PTAR, as one of the vital national assets, will make efforts to maintain operations and production in order to be able to provide maximum economic contribution not only for employees, but also for the economic growth in South Tapanuli, North Sumatra and Indonesia. 

Another proud achievement at the international level was made by PTAR by being awarded the Silver Award for the 2020 company annual report, in the 2021 Australasian Reporting Awards (ARA) event. This is an award for companies in the Asia Pacific region, whether private, government, and also non-profit organizations, which have succeeded in producing quality and satisfying annual reports, sustainability reports, and integrated reports. This year is the 71st year of the ARA, which is based in Sydney, Australia. As in previous years, this year there are three types of awards given by ARA. General Award for companies with best-practice general reporting standards, Sustainability Award for sustainability reports, and Special Awards which are given in various categories. PTAR received a Silver Award for the General Award category. 

Awarding Agincourt Resources as one of the recipients of the 2021 ARA Awards. 

In addition to winning the 2021 Subroto Award at the national level, PTAR also won an award in the 2021 Good Mineral and Coal Mining Practices Award event which was held by the Directorate General of Mineral and Coal of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Wednesday September 29, 2022. PTAR was awarded the Main Award Charter for Environmental Management Aspects of Mineral and Coal Mining. 


The award is a form of responsibility and gratitude from the government to mining personnel who have carried out their business activities with the best effort, especially in applying good mining practices. 


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