Sustainable Environmental Management of Agincourt Resources towards GREEN PROPER

Jul 1, 2022

BATANGTORU, 1 July 2022 – PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR), the operator of the Martabe Gold Mine, is aiming for a GREEN rating for the PROPER assessment by improving the quality of environmental management and biodiversity.

Various efforts have been made by PTAR to increase PROPER achievements from BLUE to GREEN, including controlling air and water pollution, managing hazardous and toxic waste (B3), potential damage to mining areas, waste management, B3material management, non-B3 waste management, and also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

PTAR Deputy General Manager of Operations, Wira Dharma Putra, said PTAR is ready to support the government’s program to reduce 29% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with its capabilities and 41% of GHG emissions with international support by 2030. PTAR will also carry out its commitment to support the government’s efforts toward net zero-emission and comply with government regulations related to energy efficiency and GHG emission reduction.

“The goal of PTAR going forward is to receive a GREEN PROPER and we hope to achieve this by increasing the focus on biodiversity conservation and energy projects, and also reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” said Wira.

Most recently, PTAR held an Environment Day seminar with the theme “Energy Efficiency Strategy and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions” on 27 June 2022 online and a Seminar “Towards a Green PROPER for the Earth’s Future” on 29 June 2022 in Medan. The two seminar themes in the context of World Environment Day are in line with the commitment and spirit of sustainable development which is the basic principle of PTAR in carrying out its operations. The seminar was attended by the Environmental Agencyof North Sumatra, Energy and Mineral Resources Agency of North Sumatra, Environmental Agency of South Tapanuli, and a number of mining companies.

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In managing the environment and biodiversity, PTAR follows and implements all aspects of Good Mining Practice in accordance with applicable regulations. PTAR has also collaborated in the fields of education, science, research, and biodiversity conservation with several universities, including IPB University, National University (Unas) Jakarta, North Sumatra University (USU), the South Tapanuli Muhammadiyah University (UMTS). ), and Aufa Royhan University in Padang Sidempuan. Activities that have been carried out include surveying the composition and diversity of flora and fauna in Batangtoru and also Pre-Land Clearing Fauna Inspection training with forestry experts from the Faculty of Forestry of USU.

Regularly, the Integrated Team together with the Department of Environment of PTAR monitors the quality of the treated water by taking water samples from the BatangtoruRiver. Fulfilment of the quality of the treated water from the Martabe Gold Mine based on the quality standard based on the Decree of the Minister of the Environment No. 202/2004 on Wastewater Quality Standards for Gold and/or Copper Ore Mining Business and/or Activities, and also Minister of Environment and Forestry Regulation No. P.68/MENLHK/Setjen/Kum.1/8/2016 on Domestic Wastewater Quality Standards.

In the Martabe Gold Mine area, PTAR has a nursery to assist the Reclamation Program in the final land area by providing supplies of native Batangtoru tree species.

“We continue to ensure that every tree we plant is the best seed and we will take care of it regularly. Every year, a team from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources reviews and assesses the success rate of reclamation plant growth and the overall condition of the area to ensure that our company’s reclamation-revegetation activities are carried out properly and correctly,” said Wira.

To date, PTAR has planted more than 41,000 tree seedlings, while the number of local plant seeds prepared at the nursery is more than 5,000 seedlings.

The Head of North Sumatra Environmental Agency, TengkuDianingrum, said that PROPER is needed to remind the commitment of business actors to managing the environment to achieve a sustainable environment. PROPER is also needed to improve the arrangement in controlling environmental impacts around the mine site and encourage the realization of sustainable environmental development.

“Environmental restoration is aimed at preserving the environment, which is our collective work. We must have a mindset to contribute to realizing net zero emissions. So what needs to be carried out is to use alternative fuels with lower carbon emissions, such as biomass and biofuels,” said Tengku.

The Department of Energy and Mineral Resources of North Sumatra expressed a positive appreciation for PTAR. Head of the Mineral and Coal Division of the EMR Agency of North Sumatra, Budi Batubara, said PTAR is the only gold commodity metal mineral mining business that is already producing in North Sumatra and has made a significant contribution. Throughout 2021, PTAR contributed 96% of the total non-tax state revenue for mining in North Sumatra worth a total of IDR 434 billion.

“We hope PTAR and other companiesperform efficiency in the scope of the company’s environment and conserve energy,” he said.

PTAR has received a number of awards and certificates for its initiatives in managing the environment, one of which is the Indonesian Sustainable Business Award for the Land Use and Biodiversity Category from Global Initiatives and PwC Singapore and Indonesia. PTAR also won the UtamaAward (Silver) in the Mineral Mining Environmental Management Category (for Contract of Work permit holders) from the Directorate General of Mineral and Coal, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

The seminar “Strategy for Energy Efficiency and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions” and the Seminar “Towards a Green PROPER for the Earth’s Future” closed the series of activities held by PTAR in celebration of World Environment Day 2022. Employees, communities, local governments, and students were involved in a series of activities.

Specifically for students, PTAR held Goes to School at SD 100707 Batangtoru, SMPN 1 Batangtoru, and SMAN 1 Batangtoru in turns on 20-22 June 2022. In these three schools, PTAR disseminated material on environmental management in the mining sector and the role of students in protecting the surrounding environment. In addition, PTAR shares knowledge on environmental management efforts through the biopore method.

PTAR’s Senior Manager Environment, Health & Safety, Hari Ananto, said in the COVID-19 pandemic, that the celebration of World Environment Day became a meaningful moment as a reminder for all of us, including students, to preserve the earth for a shared future.

“Let us raise awareness of caring for the preservation of the earth from now on by not destroying it and always taking care of it like we take care of our own home,” said Hari.

Students are indeed one of the targets of the PTAR education program so far. In addition to Goes to School which targets elementary to high school students, PTAR has organized an E-Coaching Jam (ECJ) for students from various universities. Since 2014 until now, ECJ has succeeded in bridging the discussions of more than 45 mining experts and more than 3,500 students in Indonesia.

Photo 1: PT Agincourt Resources held an online seminar “Strategy for Energy Efficiency and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions” on 27 June 2022 which was attended by around 145 participants from PTAR, local governments, and other mining companies. Doc: PTAR.
Photo 2: Deputy General Manager Operations of PT Agincourt Resources, Wira Dharma Putra, opens the Seminar “Energy Efficiency Strategy and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions” on 27 June 2022. Doc: PTAR
Photo 3: PT Agincourt Resources held a Seminar “Towards a Green PROPER for the Future of the Earth” on 29 June 2022 in Medan, North Sumatra. Doc: PTAR.


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