Agincourt Confers Martabe Prestasi Scholarships Awarded to 288 Students, from Elementary to University Agincourt Confers Martabe Prestasi Scholarships

Aug 15, 2022

PTAR Staff with Scholars 

Batangtoru, 11 August 2022 – PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR), the operator of Martabe Gold Mine, has conferred the Martabe Prestasi education scholarships for the 2022/2023 academic year. 


Awarded to 288 qualifying and deserving students, this year’s investment in long term educational scholarships was IDR 1.87 billion. 


Ruli Tanio, Vice President Director of PTAR, expressed his appreciation to the outstanding students who have strived for the Martabe Prestasi scholarship. He encouraged the students to stay enthusiastic and never give up on exploring knowledge, and be able to take advantage of the power of technology to produce the best work and benefit many people: 

We at PTAR are determined to encourage community development in many aspects, including education. We will continue to increase our contribution and add value to the surrounding community. This scholarship allows students in South Tapanuli to open opportunities and to access to the best in education and all of this is expected in the longer term to improve the quality of people’s lives. 

The awarding of Martabe Prestasi scholarships was held in Sopo Daganak, Batangtoru District, South Tapanuli, on 10 August 2022. The ceremony was attended by PTAR General Manager Operations Rahmat Lubis, PTAR Community Senior Manager Christine Pepah, Acting Branch Head of Education Office of Sidimpuan Al Benny Hevi Damanik, and Head of South Tapanuli Education Office Arman Pasaribu. 


North Sumatra Education Council Aripay Tambunan, Chairman of Batangtoru MUI (Indonesian Ulema Council) Hotlan Dalimunthe, and education observer OK Hazmi Usman Siregar also participated, while PTAR Vice President Director Ruli Tanio joined online. 


Scholarship Recipients 

This is the sixth Martabe Gold Mine Scholarship Program since it began in 2017 and to date PTAR has distributed IDR 5.54 billion to 1,255 beneficiaries, from elementary to university level students of underprivileged families from South Tapanuli, North Sumatra. PTAR General Manager Operations Rahmat Lubis outlines the expanding mission: 


Martabe Prestasi started in 2017 with the coverage of beneficiaries in two districts, namely Batangtoru and Muara Batangtoru. In the spirit of bringing about change, starting in 2022 the coverage of beneficiaries will be expanded to senior high school and university levels covering all areas in South Tapanuli Regency. 

The symbolic conferment of Martabe Prestasi scholarships from PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR) to 288 outstanding students. The awarding of the scholarships was held in Sopo Daganak, Batangtoru, South Tapanuli, North Sumatra, on 10 August 2022. (Doc: PTAR)


A Happy Scholar 

Aripay Tambunan from North Sumatra Education Council noted the increased number of beneficiaries this year of 17% to 288 students. 206 receiving students are students who registered just this year, consisting of 196 regular scholarship recipients and 10 special scholarship recipients. Meanwhile, 82 students received advanced scholarships, including 56 regular scholarship recipients and 26 special scholarship recipients. 


PTAR Community Senior Manager, Christine Pepah, explained that all scholarship recipients were divided into several categories based on education levels and benefits; notably the 93 elementary school students and 51 junior high school students for the category of Academic Achievement Award (PPA) will receive educational assistance of IDR 500,000 and IDR 700,000 respectively. Christine explained: 

In addition, 23 senior high school students/equivalent received regular Continuous Achievement Award category and 8 senior high school students received special PPB. Each student who wins regular PPB at the senior high school level/equivalent will receive a benefit of IDR 3 million per year. Meanwhile, 10 students received the Continuous Achievement Award at D3 (Associate’s Degree) and S1 (Bachelor’s Degree) levels of public and private universities in South Tapanuli worth IDR 6 million per student per year. Meanwhile, 19 students in PBB category at D3 and S1 levels from public and private universities outside South Tapanuli received IDR 12 million per student per year. 


Scholarship Graduates 

Two students who received PBB at S1 level from among the 10 National Leading State Universities graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture of Universitas Sumatra Utara and the Faculty of Management of Universitas Diponegoro. We wish the best and continuing success. 



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