First in North Sumatra, Agincourt Resources Holds Intensive Agricultural Extension Assistance 

Oct 31, 2022

31 October 2022 – For the first time in North Sumatra, PT Agincourt Resources held a capacity building program for 15 Balai Penyuluh Pertanian (BPP) as well as capacity building for 30 agricultural instructors in South Tapanuli on Monday, October 31, 2022. This program aims to prepare qualified, resilient, and sustainable farmer groups. sustainable management of their farming business in South Tapanuli, especially in the area around the Martabe Gold Mine operations. 

Community Development Manager Rohani Simbolon in his speech said that increasing the capacity of BPP and Petugas Penyuluh Lapangan (PPL) is needed to support agricultural potential and the competence of agricultural human resources in South Tapanuli, especially in Batangtoru and Muara Batangtoru sub-districts. This activity was held in collaboration with the Jambi Agricultural Training Center which is a Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) under the Ministry of Agriculture. Attending this activity was the Head of the Jambi Agricultural Training Center, Zahron Helmy who also appreciated PTAR’s steps which would have a long impact on the agricultural sector in South Tapanuli.


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