Indonesia Tree Planting Day 2022  Anticipating Disaster, Agincourt Resources Plants 1,000 Tree Seeds on the banks of the Garoga River 

Nov 19, 2022

To anticipate the flood disaster, as well as in celebration of the 2022 Indonesia Tree Planting Day, on Saturday, 19 November 2022, PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR) and the South Tapanuli Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) held a Joint Tree Planting Action of 1,000 productive tree seedlings and bamboo trees on the banks of the Garoga River, Garoga Village, Batangtoru District, as well as the Extreme Weather Disaster Preparedness Ceremony. 

Deputy General Manager Operations of PT Agincourt Resources, Wira Dharma Putra, said the Joint Tree Planting Action which was held during the commemoration of the month of Disaster Risk Reduction (PRB) and Indonesian Tree Planting Day was the right moment to involve the community’s participation in maintaining the balance of nature and the environment in Indonesia. the banks of the Garoga River. 

This environmental conservation effort is expected to mitigate damage to river flows and abrasion in Garoga Village and its surroundings, as well as reduce the risk of overflowing Garoga River and climate change that could impact the settlements of Garoga Village, which is inhabited by 917 people. This activity involved the Hapesong Baru Disaster Resilient Village (DESTANA) volunteer group, Environmental Champion, and the Garoga Village community. 

In this action, PTAR provided 1,000 productive tree seeds such as durian, avocado, trembesi, mango, mangosteen, waru, and bamboo.


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