Agincourt Resources Handed Over Assistance for the Renovation of Three Bridges 

Dec 27, 2022

On December 27, 2022, PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR) through the Community Development Department again handed over assistance for the renovation of a total of three bridges, namely one bridge in Kampung Pasir Lingkungan 4 and two bridges on Jalan 7, Aek Pining Village. This bridge renovation assistance is part of the 2022 Community Development and Empowerment (PPM) program for the infrastructure sector. 

It is hoped that the bridge renovation assistance in Kampung Pasir will help people living in the neighborhood access access to plantations and vice versa, as well as expedite the transportation of plantation products. Not only that, for the bridge on Jalan 7, it is the only bridge that the community passes to get to the location of their livelihood. The renovation of the three bridges included floor and railing renovations. 

Present at the handover ceremony from PTAR were Community Relations Manager Masdar Muda, Community Relations Superintendent Sugeng Maskat, and Community Infrastructure Senior Officer Triadi Siregar. The bridge was handed over to Lurah Aek Pining Hendra Sakti Siregar, together with the Kepala Lingkungan, namely the Kepala Lingkungan 1 Juniardi, Kepala Lingkungan 3 Jefri Nauli, Kepala Lingkungan 4 Suyanto, and Head of LPMK Aek Pining Junaidi.


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