Supporting the Improvement of the Community Life Quality in Batu Horing Village, Agincourt Resources Build MCK and Rehabilitate 14 Houses of Worship and Mosque

Dec 30, 2022

To improve the quality and capacity of the community’s basic social infrastructure in the field of religion/religion, as well as improve the quality of life of the community as a whole in Batu Horing Village, PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR) through the Community Relations Department and the 2022 Community Development & Empowerment program (PPM), conducted assistance in building MCK and minor rehabilitation in 14 houses of worship and mosque. 

In Batu Horing Village there are at least 13 churches and 1 mosque which are used by the villagers and surrounding areas for worship. Not all churches in the village have good toilet facilities and must be repaired according to health standards. The church should be a good example to teach the importance of implementing a clean and healthy life, among others by providing good and adequate toilet facilities. Apart from that, it is also to teach the congregation to use the toilet as a facility for sanitation and not open defecation (BABS). 

After about 3 months, finally the construction of MCK and rehabilitation of buildings in 14 houses of worship and mosque in Batu Horing Village was completed and officially handed over to the Batu Horing Village Government on Friday, December 30 2022. It is hoped that this renovation can increase religious activities and provide comfort in worship which is useful for the development of better human character. 


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