Wins 8 Awards from ISDA, PT Agincourt Resources Represents Responsible and Sustainable Mining

Jan 13, 2023

The event of the 2022 Indonesian SDGs Award (ISDA) held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Kuningan, Jakarta on Thursday (22/11) granted 8 awards to PT Agincourt Resources as assessed having successfully realized responsible and sustainable mining. Sectors assessed by judges are sectors directly beneficial to the environment and community.

The 2022 ISDA is an event to grant awards to companies or institutions that contribute real efforts in realizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The prestigious award event of the ISDA Awards is regularly held by the Corporate Forum for CSR Development (CFCD), namely an association of companies that are active in the discourse and progress of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability in Indonesia cooperating with the Ministry of National Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) as the lead sector in SDGs in Indonesia.

In administering the assessment, the ISDA involved competent experts, academicians, and practitioners in their sectors.

In this event, PT Agincourt Resources were granted 10 awards at once by the Committee of Assessors of the 2022 ISDA Award chaired by Prof. Dr. Ir. Hardinsyah MS from IPB. The 10 awards are The Top Corporate Leadership on SDGs, The Most Committed Corporate on SDGs for Social Pillars, The Most Committed Corporate on SDGs for Economy Pillars, dan 1 Platinum Award on the Environmentally Friendly Agriculture Development of Aek Pahu. Especially in the paddy field area of Aek Pahu, Batang Toru, South Tapanuli, PT Agincourt Resources has carried out mentoring for seven years for organic agriculture cultivation to the Farmer Group (Koptan) of Aek Pahu in the locations around the mine, by offering a method without using chemical/synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

In Aek Pahu, PTAR’s work is not only on the fertilizer application but also providing a thorough environmentally friendly agriculture package. PTAR assists local farmers in building a micro-hydro power plant, and laboratory testing in Sucofindo for agricultural products so they are eligible to obtain certificates. The farmers are also provided with mentoring to optimize their land to be easily found under rice branches and irrigation channels in Aek Pahu also become a place for fish cultivation other than fish ponds. In Aek Pahu, seeds of tilapia, eels, and carp, to popular local endemic fish, tor soro fish or “Ikan Jurung” are spread and live freely between rice plants so they can give nutrition to the soil and plants while giving a variation of side dishes for local farmer groups. PTAR helps hold a workshop and training for farmer groups so they can improve their knowledge, understanding, and skills in their fields.

Four Gold Awards were also taken home for the program of Specialist Doctor Placement at Puskesmas (Community Health Center), Access Creation for Business Opportunity through the development of UMKM (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) based on skills and village potential, education and informal education approach of Sopo Daganak for creative and cultured children, and also Disaster Resilient Village Development (Destana). In addition, PTAR won two Silver Awards for the program of Journalist and Media Competence Enhancement and E-Coaching Jam.

One of the programs that is included in the E-Coaching Jam is OlympiAR, a science Olympiad event in the mining field that aims to create skilled, accomplished, and environmentally minded individuals for sustainable and responsible mining. OlympiAR has been held in several universities in Java Island and participated enthusiastically by thousands of university students in competing for the prize of up to tens of million rupiahs and a grand prize of a full internship from PTAR at Martabe gold mine, South Tapanuli.

The President Director of PT Agincourt, Muliady Sutio received an award that night accompanied by the Senior Manager of PTAR Corporate Communications, Katarina Siburian Hardono, the Senior Manager of PTAR Community, Christine Pepah, and several PTAR employees. Muliady, in another opportunity, appreciated all PTAR employees who have worked hard to design and implement community service programs for the community’s welfare as listed in the global and national commitment to Sustainable Development Goals/SDGs.

Those ten awards proved the company’s commitment to sustainable development goals and achievement of responsible business practices and company governance that are based on environmental, social, and community principles.


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