The Importance of Prioritizing the Biodiversity Principles in Mining

Jan 30, 2023

Biodiversity is a term used to describe the variety of life on earth that refers to the various ecosystems and living organisms of animals, plants, habitats, communities, and genetics. Biodiversity is a determinant that promotes balance and stability in an ecosystem.

Humans depend heavily on biodiversity to ensure their survival, health and well-being. Among the functions of biodiversity are providing food, maintaining water quality, controlling climate and weather, controlling pests and diseases, purifying atmospheric gases, and detoxifying and decomposing waste.

In order to minimize or prevent the negative impacts of these mining activities, mining business actors need to manage their mines by taking into account the principle of biodiversity. Some of the following are mining practices that prioritize the principle of biodiversity that have been implemented by several companies in Indonesia, namely:

  1. Biodiversity planning for each mine site based on diversity surveys and recommendations from experts. This planning includes how to create a conservation zone in a mining project location.
  2. Implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that minimize disturbance to flora and fauna habitats and minimize the construction of new roads thereby hindering access to pristine forests and preventing population migration.
  3. Cooperate with professionals and NGOs who have capacity and competence in biodiversity conservation.
  4. The design of the exploration program has to minimizes forest clearing as much as possible with single exploration camps rather than satellite camps and prioritizes the use of helicopters for transportation of tools and people rather than building access roads.
  5. Rehabilitation and revegetation of abandoned drilling sites with a comprehensive program.
  6. Minimizing the mining footprint and give support for conservation-based activities.

PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR), as one of the largest mining operator companies in Indonesia, namely the Martabe Gold Mine, is one of the companies that also practices the principles of biodiversity. PTAR is committed to carrying out all of its operations in a responsible manner, namely by balancing business growth with social welfare and environmental sustainability in the places where it operates. This is in line with the Sustainable Development Principles of the Indonesia Goverment which emphasize a balance between social development, economic development, and environmental development so that increases on the demand side (as a result of economic activity) will not lead to over-exploitation of natural resources and endanger the environment.

At the 2022 Good Mining Practice Award, PTAR even won the highest rating with a gold symbol, namely the Aditama Award, in the Mining Environmental Management Aspect for the group of business entities holding Contracts of Work and Special Mining Business Permits for mineral commodities. This is proof that PTAR is serious about protecting and managing the environment and biodiversity from the impact of its  Martabe Gold Mine operational activities.


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