Gold Bars vs Gold Jewelry? Which is more profitable?

Feb 6, 2023

Since ancient civilizations, gold has been a symbol of wealth and power because of its beauty and rarity. This obsession with gold has hardly changed over the millennia.

Although most monetary systems are no longer on the gold standard, metal is still seen as a hedge against wealth. Because, unlike the currency, gold has a limited amount that cannot be reproduced artificially and has an intrinsic value that lasts forever.

Therefore, it is natural that many people are interested in investing in gold. With relatively stable prices, even tends to increase from year to year, gold is one of the most popular forms of investment.

However, there are still many people who question which is more profitable investing in gold jewellery or investing in gold bars.

We will discuss the differences between gold bars and gold jewellery in the following three main categories.

  • Purchase Price
  • Gold Content
  • Resale Value

Gold Bars vs Gold Jewelry: The Purchase Price

The purchase price of gold bars and gold jewellery can vary greatly. In the gold jewellery business, the brand name, design, and gold content of a piece are all important factors in its purchase price. The cost of designing gold jewellery ranges from 15% to 20% of the value of the gold itself, especially if it is produced by a well-known brand.

Meanwhile, a gold bar is typically valued primarily for its gold content.

Gold Bars vs Gold Jewelry: Gold Content

Gold jewellery is less likely to be as pure as gold bars. This is because gold in its purest form is surprisingly malleable; it can be beaten or shaped relatively easily. Therefore, to make jewellery, gold is generally mixed with other precious metals so that it is not easily scratched or dented.

Meanwhile, The highest purities of gold are generally found in gold bars. Gold bars are almost always minted using a purity of 99,9 per cent, meaning that they’re almost entirely composed of gold – and gold alone.

Gold Bars vs Gold Jewelry: Resale Value

When it comes to resale value, gold bars and gold jewellery both appreciate according to the current value of gold, but keep in mind that in gold jewellery purchase price there is a design cost that will not be taken into account when you resell it.

It might be easier to quickly sell gold jewellery than gold bars, as the verification process for gold bars might take a bit longer.

So, is a gold bar or gold jewellery the better investment? 

Both gold bars and gold jewellery come with advantages and disadvantages. When comparing gold bars versus gold jewellery, we recommend first deciding on your long-term investment goals. Are you interested in buying as much pure gold as possible, or are you purchasing gold for its appearance and potential liquidity? Do you care about the beauty of your gold piece, or do you want to maximize the bang you get for your buck? 

Whether you should buy gold bars versus gold jewellery is purely a matter of your investment objectives.

If you have a long-term investment goal, it is better to invest in gold bars. This is because this form of gold has a more stable selling value compared to gold jewellery.

Even so, gold jewelry can be used as accessories to support your appearance. Another advantage, gold jewelry is easier to obtain than gold bar. There are lots of gold shops that sell gold jewelry. Not only in big cities, but can also be found in almost all districts.

Regardless of whether you choose to buy gold bars or gold jewellery, we recommend buying/selling through a reputable dealer.


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