The Greatest Women’s at Martabe Gold Mine

Mar 10, 2023

Inequality in the number of male and female workers in the mining sector is common. Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) as of August 2021, in Indonesia, the number of female workers in the mining sector is only 115 thousand people, while there are 1.28 million male workers. The number of female workers continues to decrease. The National Labor Force Survey as of August 2021 states, for the last 3 years, the proportion of female employment in the Indonesian mining industry was only less than 10 percent of the total workforce in the sector.

To overcome the obstacles faced by women, such as gender inequality in the mining sector, is not an individual’s responsibility. Contributions from various parties are needed to promote gender equality in the sector.

PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR), as the operator of the Martabe Gold Mine, is one of the mining companies that has taken the initiative to make changes. PTAR states that it has implemented gender equality in all aspects of the company’s operations since 2016 through policies that uphold the principle of equality without distinguishing between men and women, the most important thing is capacity, experience, and ability to respond to the company’s challenges. Apart from that, all workers will get the same treatment. All workers are given equal opportunity to develop their professional competence, according to their respective passions without discriminating gender.

These policies are accompanied by attempts to build a culture and work environment that promotes dignity and respect and a workplace that is free from discrimination, intimidation, oppression or harassment, and both physical and non-physical violence. The rights of female workers, including maternity leave, lactation, childbirth costs, and insurance are also provided to the fullest. In fact, PTAR also provides training and awareness programs for the employees to improve understanding of diversity and gender equality issues which are conducted regularly throughout the year.

Currently, 25% of PTAR’s total 3,000-plus employees are female. In the extractive sector, PTAR is the only gold mining company in Indonesia with up to 25% female employees. Many of the PTAR female employees occupy strategic positions, ranging from supervisors to directors.

It is hoped that the Martabe Gold Mine’s commitment to implementing gender diversity will attract talented and competitive women to work at this company and help it to be a better company.

Men and women have different perspectives and ideas that will enrich the company’s insights and allow for better problem solving, to strengthen the company’s business foundation.

One of PTAR’s female employees, Latipa Henim Siregar, appreciated the practice of gender diversity at the Martabe Gold Mine. “During my time at work, PTAR provides equal opportunities for women and men to develop themselves. I’ve had technical training and other things, the same as my male colleagues. PTAR even supported me to continue my studies with a Master’s degree and I have finished it,” he said.

Latipa is grateful to work in the Martabe Gold Mine environment which promotes gender diversity. This is because such a work environment not only opens up space for women’s participation but also encourages women to have the courage to explore their potential and actualize themselves as empowered women. During her 18 years of work until now, Latipa has experienced four promotions and currently, she holds the position of Superintendent of Grade Control Operations, at Mine Geology Department.

“Gender diversity at PTAR does not only talk about the number of women, but rather emphasizes the quality and ability to lead, to work together, to create and to express opinions. Many women in PTAR occupy important positions and contribute positively to the company without leaving men aside,” said Latipa.


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