Do you Want to Work in a Mining Company? Check Out the Pros and Cons

May 1, 2023

Working in a mining company is indeed a dream for many people because it is considered to have more value or benefits than working in other industrial sectors.

Taking a crucial choice is a big decision. When it comes to making an important choice like have a carrier in mining industry, having a clear grasp of the “Opportunities and Constraints” list can assist in the decision-making process.

Pros of being miners: 

  1. Get above-average salary, It is undeniable that based on the experience of most mining workers, they admit that salaries are better than non-mining companies.
  2. Prestigious or prestigious job, Mine workers usually have to go through various selection processes that can be considered difficult to work with. This creates a mindset that people who work in mining companies are talented.
  3. Adequate facility support, Mining companies require a high level of precision to minimize the slightest error. This of course will be difficult to achieve with human abilities. So that all operational activities will always be supported with adequate facilities to increase production effectiveness and minimize work errors.
  4. Promising experience and career, The longer you work for a mining company, your self-worth will increase. And the more experience in mining companies will increase self-esteem which increases the possibility of getting a promotion.
  5. Standard working hours, You will have a regular schedule with a start and end time each day. And there’s no work at home. This makes it easier to plan your life with your family.

Cons of Being a Miner:

  1. It is dangerous work, Mine workers have a higher security system than most other jobs.
  2. It is a physically demanding job, Technology has made it a lot easier to be a miner, and machinery does most of the heavy lifting now. You have to stay in good physical condition to be strong enough to do the work. 
  3. Working conditions, The air is contaminated, and even constant exposure to dust in the air can cause illness. You would also be exposed to direct sunlight and no sunlight when you work in an office, and that is known to take a toll on a person’s health as well. 
  4. Machinery could replace miners, Machinery has made work safer and not as hard. Automation and artificial intelligence are doing more of the work that miners used to do. Some jobs have been lost already, and more will likely be lost due to more technological advances. It is safer, and less expensive, to send a robot into a mine than it is to put a human being in a dangerous place deep in the earth.
  5. Placed in Remote Areas, It is common knowledge that mining sites are often located in extremely remote areas. That makes mine workers often live far away from their family and friends.
  6. There is no red on the calendar, Mine workers don’t recognize red dates on the calendar, they even still have to carry out their duties on Sunday. This is because the mining company uses a roster system, namely the application of how long the employees work and how long they leave, which in general is 4:2, which means 4 weeks of work and 2 weeks of leave.

Actually working wherever always has pluses and minuses. As long as we work with heart and continue to develop ourselves, the benefits we seek will always follow us.


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