Understand the Duties and Responsibilities of a Mining Operations Supervisor 

May 25, 2023

Mining is a labour-intensive industry with a very high risk. Therefore, every mining activity must comply with applicable laws and regulations and be conducted by qualified human resources with the right competencies. One of them is the Operations Supervisor.

Operations Supervisor is a position appointed by and directly responsible to the Head of Mining Engineering (KTT)/Engineering and Environmental Supervisor (PTL). However, not just anyone can be appointed as Operations Supervisor.

An Operations Supervisor must hold a superior position in a mining operational department and has subordinates and/or supervise other departments. In addition, the Operations Supervisor must also have an Operations Supervisor certificate of competency issued by an institution that has registered with the Directorate General of Minerals and Coal and is recognized by the Chief Mining Inspector (KaIT).

If all criteria are met, KTT/PTL will submit the online application for Operations Supervisor approval to KaIT through the Minerba Integrated Engineering and Environmental Reporting System (MINERS) website at https://miners.minerba.esdm.go.id/. KAIT will evaluate all the submitted data and, if declared eligible to become Operations Supervisor, will then validate it through the issuance of an Operations Supervisory Card (KPO).

Specifically, Foreign Citizens who have been approved as Operations Supervisors will have to pass the Indonesian Language Proficiency Test with at least an Intermediate level of proficiency within 6 (six) months. KaiT/Head of Service on behalf of KaiT can revoke his/her approval of an Operations Supervisor if the person has not passed the Indonesian Language Proficiency Test within the stipulated time.

There are three levels of Operations Supervisor, namely, First Operational Supervisor (POP), Middle Operations Supervisor (POM), and Main Operations Supervisor (POU). The duties & responsibilities of these operational supervisors are generally contained in the Decree of Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources No 1827 K/30/MEM/2018,

1. Responsible for the KTT/PTL on the safety and health of all mining workers who work under him.

2. Carry out inspections, evaluations, and tests.

3. Responsible for the KTT/PTL on the safety, health and well-being of all tasks assigned to him.

4. Create and sign evaluation, inspection, and test reports.

To level up from POP to POM and POM to POU, an Operations Supervisor must have at least 1 year of experience in the previous position, attend advanced training, and pass certification. 

During his term of service, the performance of the Operational Supervisor will always be monitored and evaluated by the KTT. If the Operational Supervisor commits an offence or is deemed negligent in carrying out their duties, the KTT or KaiT or Head of Service on behalf of the KaiT can revoke his authorization as Operational Supervisor.

The Operations Supervisor has a very important role in mining operations to ensure the implementation of good mining practices.


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