The Specialist Doctor in the Village Program Reaches Siuhom Village in West Angkola, Benefiting 160 Community Members 

Sep 2, 2023

The Dokter Spesialis Masuk Desa Program exemplifies PT Agincourt Resources’ (PTAR) dedication to community health in South Tapanuli. This initiative is a charitable medical service designed to offer free consultations, treatments, and specialist medical care to individuals from all walks of life in need of these services.  

Within South Tapanuli Regency, numerous areas continue to lack access to essential healthcare services, including West Angkola Sub-District. Consequently, on Saturday, September 2, 2023, PTAR collaborated with the South Tapanuli Regency Health Service and the Sitinjak Health Center in West Angkola Sub-District to bring three specialist doctors—pediatricians, gynecologists, and internal medicine specialists to Siuhom Village.  

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A total of 160 individuals, comprising 39 infants and young children, 14 expectant mothers, and 107 working-age residents from 12 villages and 2 sub-districts within West Angkola District, eagerly sought medical attention. Patients received excellent care from specialist doctors, including obstetrician dr. Ryan Andrian, SP.OG, pediatrician dr. Syahreza Hasibuan, SP.A, and internal medicine specialist dr. Abdus Somad Harahap, Sp.PD. The medical team was equipped with supporting facilities, including ultrasound examinations for pregnant women, EKG tests, as well as blood sugar, cholesterol, and uric acid screenings. The Regent of South Tapanuli, Dolly Pasaribu, who was present during this event, expressed heartfelt gratitude to PTAR for its contribution in extending healthcare services to remote regions. Dolly emphasized the pivotal role of the corporate sector in supporting governmental initiatives, particularly those related to healthcare. 

PTAR’s Community Senior Manager, Christine Pepah, highlighted that in addition to enhancing public health quality through the Dokter Spesialis Masuk Desa Program, the Company also promotes Clean and Healthy Living Practices among the South Tapanuli population. This includes basic habits such as handwashing with soap, tobacco cessation, maintaining a balanced diet, responsible waste disposal, and refraining from indiscriminate urination, all of which can effectively prevent various diseases. 


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