Agincourt Resources Increased the Competency of South Tapanuli Regency Midwives through Training on Normal Childbirth Care and Management of Retained Placenta  

Oct 21, 2023

To increase the number and distribution of human resources (HR) in health sector who are competent in carrying out obstetric-neonatal services, both essential and emergency, PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR) in collaboration with the South Tapanuli Health Service held Training on Normal Childbirth Care and Management of Retained Placenta.  

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The training, which was held on September 22–23, 2023 at the Torsibohi Nauli Sipirok Hotel, was attended by 80 midwives from 15 Community Health Centers in the South Tapanuli Regency region. The training was officially opened by Plt. Head of the South Tapanuli District Health Service, Mawarni Batubara. In his speech, Mawarni hoped that with this activity, the knowledge of the South Tapanuli district midwives would increase, thus reducing the Maternal and Infant Mortality Rate.  

In this training, dr. Ryan Andrian, M.Ked (OG) Sp.Og, as the resource person, explains the best practices for managing labor and birth as well as adverse actions that must be avoided during the management of labor and birth.


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