MSMEs and Agricultural Communities Fostered by Agincourt Resources Enhance their Capabilities to Become Local Champions

Oct 28, 2023

During the weekend of October 27-28, 2023, Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as well as agricultural communities from the Batangtoru and Muara Batangtoru Sub-Districts, fostered by PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR), participated in a workshop focused on enhancing knowledge and skills in social entrepreneurship and team building. The workshop was held at the Berkah Doorsmeer meeting room in Sumuran Village, with team building activities taking place at Aek Sabaon, Sibio-bio. A total of 47 MSMEs and agricultural participants, mentored by PTAR, actively took part in this event.

PTAR’s Community Development Manager, Rohani Simbolon, explained that this workshop served as an evaluation for MSMEs and agricultural participants displaying the potential to become Reliable Contributors (Local Champions) in their respective fields. “This initiative also aims to strengthen the connections among community-oriented individuals guided by PTAR.”

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Head of the South Tapanuli Manpower Service, Achmad Raja Nasution, commended PTAR’s consistent efforts in mentoring these business groups to enhance the local economy. “We anticipate the emergence of new local business groups in the future, expanding the economic advantages experienced by a broader population.” The event was also attended by Sub-District Head of Muara Batangtoru, Faisal Candra Hasan,  Secretary of the South Tapanuli Trade, Cooperative, and SMEs Service, Hotmatua Rambe, and trainers from Redef Foundation Tasikmalaya.


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