Preserve Traditional Dance, the 2023 Sopo Daganak Dance Festival Being Held

Oct 29, 2023

To continue preserving the traditional dance culture in North Sumatra, the Perkumpulan Sahabat Cerdas (PERSADA) and the Sopo Daganak Art Studio organized the 2023 Sopo Daganak Dance Festival on Sunday, October 29, 2023. This event was also aimed at providing a platform for the young generation of North Sumatra to develop their talents and creativity while boosting their confidence. The activity is supported by PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR) and several other companies such as PT DNX Indonesia, PT Samukti Karya Lestari (SKL), PT Trancontinent, Medika Plaza, PT Indodrill, PT Macmahon Mining Services, BRI Unit Batangtoru, and PTPN III Kebun Batangtoru.

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The Dance Studio of SMP Negeri 1 from Sibolga City claimed the title of First Winner at the 2023 Sopo Daganak Dance Festival. Meanwhile, Second Winner was won by the Cultural Studio of SD IT Roudhotul Ilmi Anshor from Padang Lawas, and Third Winner was achieved by the dance studio of SMK Negeri 2 Batangtoru in South Tapanuli. The dance studio of SMA Negeri 1 from Kotanopan received Fourth Winner, while the CDC Dance Studio from Sibolga City earned Fifth Winner. Additionally, the award for the Best Supporter went to MAN 1 Padangsidimpuan.

PTAR’s Community Development Manager, Rohani Simbolon, mentioned that the 2023 Sopo Daganak Dance Festival, which commenced on September 14, 2023, saw the participation of 26 dance groups. After a rigorous selection process, 15 studios advanced to the final round. “This Sopo Daganak Dance Festival is held for the first time and has attracted numerous dance studios from Tapanuli Selatan, Tapanuli Tengah, Mandailing Natal, Asahan, and Padang Lawas.” Each participating dance studio in the Sopo Daganak Dance Festival consisted of 8 to 12 members, totaling approximately 200 to 300 dancers. Each studio presented the Surdu Burangir offering dance and a traditional dance of their choice. They were evaluated by a panel of judges consisting of five experts in dance, two of whom were from Universitas Negeri Medan.


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