Seminar for Health Cadres in Batangtoru and Muara Batangtoru to Enhance Competence 

Nov 21, 2023

On Monday, November 21, 2023, PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR) facilitated the organization of a Health Seminar for health officers, health cadres, and Village Family Welfare Movement (TP PKK) members in the Batangtoru and Muara Batangtoru Subdistricts at Sopo Daganak. The event was attended by a total of 134 individuals and was the result of collaboration between PTAR, the South Tapanuli Regional Health Office, and the Sipirok Regional General Hospital (RSUD). 

The health seminar featured three specialist doctors as speakers, dr. Ryan Andrian, SP. OG, who presented “Recognizing Signs of Menopause”; dr. Syahreza Hasibuan, SP. A, with the topic “Seizures in Children: Prevention and Management”; and dr. Abdus Somad Harahap,Sp. PD, who delivered a presentation on “Early Detection of Health Disorders Due to Osteoarthritis.” The event ran smoothly, and participants actively asked questions and engaged in discussions. 

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