Agincourt Resources Facilitated Comprehensive Posyandu Mengimbas Assessments and Integrated Posyandu Training  

Nov 25, 2023

From November 21 to 25, 2023, PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR) facilitated Posyandu Mengimbas assessments in seven villages and conducted Integrated Posyandu training at the Batangtoru Health Center and Sopo Daganak. This initiative aims not only to enhance the knowledge and skills of health cadres but also to improve services and expand the coverage of Posyandu beneficiaries. The program was organized in collaboration with PTAR, the South Tapanuli Regional Health Service, Batangtoru Health Center, Hutaraja Health Center, and CV Sinergy Medika Indonesia.  

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A total of 55 participants, including Posyandu supervisor cadres, field facilitators, Posyandu Mengimbas cadres, Integrated Posyandu cadres, youth cadres, and representatives from the Batangtoru Health Center and Muara Batangtoru Health Center, actively participated in this activity.  


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