Agincourt Resources Organized the E-Coaching Jam (ECJ) at Muhammadiyah University of South Tapanuli to Grow Environmental Sustainability Insight

Dec 8, 2023

Padangsidimpuan, December 8, 2023 – PT Agincourt Resources, the Martabe Gold Mine operator, organized the E-Coaching Jam Programme themed ” Harmony for the Earth: Protecting the Environment for Sustainability” at Muhammadiyah University of South Tapanuli (UMTS) which is located around of mining area. This event was held on December 7th, 2023, and attended by about 500 students from UMTS and other universities. This event presented an expert as well as a practitioner and an activist with extensive experience in environmental and sustainability fields, namely the Environmental Manager of Agincourt Resources Mahmud Subagya and Co-Founder Juan Apriliano of Plastic for Nature.

The General Manager of Operations at PT Agincourt Resources, Rahmat Lubis, affirmed the company’s commitment to implement environmental management practices and promote them within the surrounding community, including a campus environment. For this reason, the company held the E-Coaching Jam (ECJ) program at UMTS and invited the universities surrounding South Tapanuli.

“We dedicate to carry out responsibly mining operations by prioritizing a balance between business and community welfare as well as environmental sustainability through effective environmental management practice,” said Rahmat.

So far, PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR) supports the government of Indonesia in reaching the target of reducing glass house gas emissions according to the document of Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) of the 2015 Paris Agreement. One of those it can be seen from the action of planting 73,815 tree seedlings in the reclamation area and 38,306 tree seedlings outside the Martabe Gold Mine area which has the potential to absorb carbon more than 22,453 tons of CO2e.

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Within the new of renewable energy fields, PTAR has converted most of its electricity use, which is at the former it came from the fuel power plant into renewable energy electrical power plant. The implemented concrete form namely to operate the solar panel with the capacity of 2.1 MWP in the Martabe Gold Mine area as well as use the processing tools namely, installation of Sleep Energy Recovery (SER) intends to regenerate power so that it can be re-used with the potential of power saving in total 6.49% per month.

The positive appreciation for the ECJ event was conveyed by the Rector of UMTS, Muhammad Darwis. He expects the students who took part in this event can be the environmental sustainability ambassadors.

“Through this forum, we hope there is a comprehensive practice that is conveyed to the students regarding the way to maintain and sustain the environment. Highly appreciation to the Martabe Gold Mine that has transferred this spirit,” Darwis said.

Besides UMTS students, the other students who took part in this ECJ event were from different kinds of campuses of surrounding namely, Graha Nusantara University, Syahada State Islamic University of Padangsidimpuan, Aufa Royhan University, South Tapanuli Education Institute, Darmais Academy of Midwive padangsidimpuan, Matorkis Academy of Midwife, Central Academy of Midwive.

The Senior Manager of Corporate Communication at PT Agincourt Resources, Katarina Siburian Hardono, she said that the ECJ discussion was running interactively, it was featured various questions and inputs from the students. Besides the enthusiasm to take part in the ECJ discussion, they can also enrich their insight through environmental exhibitions from various communities dedicated to environmental preservation.

“We greatly appreciate your spirit who want to be involved in maintaining and preserving the environment. This is in line with the company and ECJ goals namely, to grow the awareness and understanding of the civitas of the academy about the environment and biodiversity,” Katarina said.

ECJ in UMTS is the 24th offline ECJ that has been organized by PTAR since 2014. For 1 decade it has been performed, ECJ has been a communication bridge for more than 5,000 students all over Indonesia as well as experts from various fields, whether is from mining, geology, environment, communication, business, employment, and gender diversity.

Photo 1: (the 6th from the left) The General Manager of Operations of PT Agincourt Resources, Rahmat Lubis, together with management took a photo with hundreds of students the 2023 Martabe Gold Mine E-Coaching Jam participants  (ECJ) Muhammadiyah University South Tapanuli, on Thursday  (7/12/2023). (Dok: PTAR)
Photo 2: The Environmental Manager of PT Agincourt Resources, Mahmud Subagya was explaining the attempts in Environmental maintaining to the hundreds of students ECJ event which took place in Muhammadiyah University of South Tapanuli, on Thursday (7/12/2023). (Dok: PTAR)


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