Enhancing Agricultural Efficiency in Tapanuli Selatan through Land Suitability Assessment 

Jan 9, 2024

To boost agricultural productivity in Tapanuli Selatan, Agincourt Resources facilitated the presentation of the outcomes of a Land Suitability Survey conducted on January 8-9, 2024. The survey covered 15 villages/suburbs within the mining circle of Batangtoru and Muara Batangtoru Districts, Tapanuli Selatan Regency, with the aim of promoting sustainable agriculture. The presentation occurred at the Tapanuli Selatan Health Office Hall for the district level, and at the Batangtoru Subdistrict Office and the Muara Batangtoru Subdistrict Office Hall for the subdistrict level. This collaborative effort involved a team from PT Surveyor Indonesia working alongside experts and field teams from Universitas Sumatera Utara (USU). 

The Community Development Manager, Rohani Simbolon, highlighted that the survey aligned with input from the community surrounding the mine, received during the Workshop on the Synchronization and Integration of Agincourt Resources’ Community Development and Empowerment (PPM) Program with the Tapanuli Selatan Regency Government and representatives of the direct affected villages (DAVs) on December 4, 2023. The survey results serve as a valuable reference document for agriculture development and contribute to food security. Recommendations for economically viable crops suitable for cultivation are provided to farmers. This program also serves as a strategic collaboration and reference for Millennial Actor Farmers, with Agincourt Resources committed to supporting and accompanying farmers. 

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Muhammad Taufik Batubara, Secretary of the Tapanuli Selatan Agriculture Office, expressed gratitude for the company’s support in realizing sustainable agriculture in the two districts. The Tapanuli Selatan Agriculture Office plans to conduct land suitability surveys in various other areas. 


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