Holding The 2024 Journalism Competition, Agincourt Resources Invites All Indonesian Journalists to Participate

Jan 29, 2024

Batangtoru, 29 January 2024 – PT Agincourt Resources, the operator of Martabe Gold Mine, holds again the 2024 Journalism Competition which is a competition event for all journalists in Indonesia themed  “Implementing ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) Aspects for Sustainable Mining”, with a total prize of IDR60 million and an opportunity to take part in a field expedition.

According to Corporate Communications Senior Manager of Agincourt Resources Katarina Siburian Hardono, this competition, which is held for the seventh time, is designed as a space for journalists to create constructive and inspiring journalistic works related to Martabe Gold Mine as one of the largest gold mines in Indonesia.

She said that this competition also serves asan opportunity for journalists from South Tapanuli and its vicinity, around the operational area of Agincourt Resources, to participate in showing off their abilities and competing at the national level.

“During its 12 years of operation, Agincourt Resources has not only focused on technical mining management, but also has a strong commitment to managing the environment and biodiversity, and empowering the communityaround the mine. This competition is a form of our commitment to encourage dialogue and awareness concerning sustainable mining practices in Indonesia,” she explained.

In this year’s competition, participants maychoose one of the predetermined sub-themes, namely the Role of the Mining Sector in Decarbonization and Biodiversity Protection, Collaboration between the Mining Companyand the Local Community in Conserving the Environment, Economic Empowerment of the Community Around the Mine, and Contribution of the Mining Sector to the Advancement of Education and Public Health.

Katarina added that journalistic works that can be included are those that have been published in the mass media from 1 January to 30 April 2024. Meanwhile, the winner will be announced on 11 May 2024.

“As in the previous years, the assessment will be carried out as objectively as possible by judges who have expertise in the field of journalism. The assessment points are the correspondence between the article and the sub-theme, the point of view of the writing and the understanding of the issue, as well as the quality of the work and compliance withjournalistic principles. We invite all journalists in Indonesia to take part in this competition,”she concluded.

The following are several provisions for participants and works in the 2024 Martabe Gold Mine Journalism Competition:

  1. Participants are Indonesian citizens.  
  2. Participants are journalists or freelance journalists who work for online and print mass media at local, national and foreign news agencies.
  3. Journalistic works entered in the competition (hereinafter referred to as works) are articles in Indonesian or English in the form of soft news/features or in-depth news.
  4. The works correspond with the theme and sub-theme and must be related to Agincourt Resources, the operator of Martabe Gold Mine.
  5. Your own original work and does not contain the elements of plagiarism.
  6. The work must be original, not translated, adapted or summarized.
  7. The work has been created and published in the online media or print media where you work during the period 1 January 2024 to 30 April 2024. 
  8. The author is responsible for the work. Agincourt Resources shall not be held legally accountable in the future by any party including by the owner of the written object in the article.
  9. The work must comply with the social norms and does not contain the elements of violence, politics, pornography, and does not contradict the elements of ethnicity, religion, race, and intergroup relations (SARA). 
  10. The work has not been contested and is not being entered in other competitions.
  11. Participants may submit three works at the maximum. Each work has an equal chance to win.

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