Eco Enzyme, the Natural and Chemical-Free Cleaner 

Feb 1, 2024

It turns out that household waste can be reused to produce eco enzyme, a cleaner that is 100% natural and free from chemicals. Not only that, the eco enzyme is easily biodegradable, gentle on the hands, and environmentally friendly. 

The eco enzyme is the result of fermenting organic kitchen waste such as fruit peels, vegetables, sugar (brown sugar, palm sugar, or cane sugar), and water. The processed eco enzyme is dark brown in color and has a strong fermented, acidic, and sweet aroma. Besides being used as a cleaning solution, the eco enzyme is also a versatile liquid that can be used in agriculture and livestock as natural fertilizer and effective pesticide. 

The eco enzyme can also function as an insect and ant repellent. The term “Circular economy at its best” is aptly applied to the eco enzyme because this liquid can stimulate plant hormones to enhance the quality of fruits and vegetables, thereby increasing harvest yields. 

Agincourt Resources and the Waste Sortation Facility (WSF) managed by the Imaji Cerdas Berkarya (ICB) cooperative have processed domestic waste into eco enzyme. The produced eco enzyme is utilized as liquid fertilizer (plant nutrient) and for composting. 

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