Participants of OlympiAR 2024 Received Guidance from Experts  

Feb 6, 2024

The Olympiad Agincourt Resources (OlympiAR) 2024 has entered its first phase. A total of 148 teams from various universities across Indonesia participated in the selection process to advance to the second phase. In this process, not only did the participants undergo selection, but hundreds also received guidance from experts through the “ioGAS Introduction with Case Study in Epithermal Deposit” Online Training on Monday, February 5, 2024, and the “Harmony in the Elements, Navigating Sustainable Mining Practices” Online Talk Show on Tuesday, February 6, 2024, via the Zoom Meeting application.  

OlympiAR is a national-level university competition in Indonesia organized by Agincourt Resources in collaboration with the Indonesian Society of Economic Geologists (MGEI).  

General Manager Operations and Deputy Director Operations at Agincourt Resources, Rahmat Lubis, hopes that this guidance can be absorbed and utilized to the fullest by the participants to face the selection stages.  

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“OlympiAR not only serves as a platform for participants to learn and enhance their knowledge in the field of mining geology but also to sharpen soft skills, problem-solving abilities, critical thinking, team management, discipline, and sportsmanship. We hope that the participants will be ready to enter the profession in their respective fields, with a commitment to building a sustainable mining industry.”  

The Online Training was conducted by ioGAS Product Manager IMDEX Limited, Putra Sadikin, while the Online Talk Show featured four proficient speakers in their respective fields: Putra Sadikin, who presented “Harmonizing Elements: Geochemical Symphony in Copper and Gold Exploration”; independent consultant Carl Bauhart with the presentation titled “From Geochemical Whispers to Mining Riches: Using the OSNACA Transform to Model Metal Signatures in Copper Breccia Pipes”; environmental expert and compliance advisor Candra Nugraha with the topic “Eco-Harmony in the Face of Acid Mine Drainage: Navigating Waste Classification for Sustainable Mining Practices”; and Exploration Superintendent at Agincourt Resources, I Putu Suputra Utama, with the presentation titled “Ore Deposit, Exploration Method, and Geochemistry.”   

In his address, Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Geologists (IAGI), STJ Budi Santoso, stated that the theme of OlympiAR 2024 is highly relevant to the challenges of the mining industry today. Iryanto Rompo, representing the MGEI management, mentioned that OlympiAR is currently one of the prestigious national competitions for students in Indonesia. “I highly appreciate and thank Agincourt Resources for their initiative and support in building a sustainable mining industry.”  


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