Agincourt Resources Held Workshop for Adiwiyata Schools

Feb 7, 2024

On Wednesday, February 7, 2024, at the Balai Marguna, Batangtoru District Office, Agincourt Resources in collaboration with the South Tapanuli Regional Environmental Protection Agency (DLHD) and the Semut Merah Environmental Care Foundation held a Workshop and Expose on the School Caring and Environmentally Cultured Movement Program (GPBLHS) or also known as the Adiwiyata Program. This program targets eight schools in Batangtoru and Muara Batangtoru Districts, namely SDN 100715 Telo, SDN No. 100714 Garoga, SDN No. 100707 Batangtoru Plantation, SMPN 2 Batangtoru, MTsN 3 Tapanuli Selatan, SDN No 100712 Hapesong Lama, SMPN 1 Batangtoru, and SMPN 2 Batangtoru. 

Attended by 35 people consisting of principals and teacher assistants from the eight schools, this activity aims to evaluate the previous year’s GPBLHS Program and to explore the potential needs of the program internally and externally as a consideration in making strategies and innovations for the 2024 program. The coaching of the eight schools has been running for 1 year with various activities such as training, competitions, and field practice. 

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Agincourt Resources Senior Manager Community Christine Pepah explained that GPBLHS is a program from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) in order to encourage the creation of knowledge and awareness among school residents in efforts to preserve the environment. “The company fully supports this government program. In addition to various trainings, we also optimize support with the help of shredders and compost bins in each school, and ensure the implementation of all materials from the Sumut Merah Environmental Care Foundation such as water conservation, energy conservation, and document fulfillment.”

The Head of South Tapanuli DLHD Ongku Muda Atas expressed his gratitude for the support from Agincourt Resources. “With the support and resources available, I hope that the eight schools can become Adiwiyata Schools and the students and teachers are accustomed to protecting and preserving nature.” 


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