Consistent Transparency in Processed Water Management, Routine Monitoring Resumed

Feb 23, 2024

From Tuesday to Friday, February 20-23, 2024, Agincourt Resources resumed monitoring the quality of processed water by taking samples. This is an effort to ensure that the water treatment system at the Martabe Gold Mine has gone through a high-quality process, complies with permits, and is closely monitored, and involves various parties as a form of the Company’s consistent transparency. 

The activity began on Tuesday, February 20, 2024 with the taking of processed water samples, accompanied by the South Tapanuli Environmental Service Agency. Furthermore, on February 21-23, 2024, the process water samples were delivered to the PT Intertek Utama Services laboratory by the Government Relations, Environment Department, and accompanied by the Head of the South Tapanuli Environment Service Agency, Ongku Muda Atas Siregar. 


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