Launching of Batangtoru Karate Training to Cultivate Local Young Talent

Feb 23, 2024

Agincourt Resources remains committed to enhancing the development of exceptional human resources in the Martabe Gold Mine operational vicinity. On Friday, February 23, 2024, the company facilitated and endorsed the introduction of karate training in collaboration with the National Karate Do Institute (Inkanas) Batangtoru, aiming to provide a platform for nurturing outstanding young talents. This training program adopts a structured, integrated, and sustainable coaching approach, focusing on fostering and honing talents among the youth. 

“This program is initiated with the aim of nurturing local young talents to ensure continuous excellence. We earnestly hope that in the future, this initiative will yield high-achieving athletes capable of competing in various regional and national competitions,” remarked Agincourt Resources Community Relations Manager, Masdar Muda. 

The launch event, held at the PTPN IV Batangtoru field, saw the participation of 60 coached participants. Also in attendance were Batangtoru Police Chief Iptu Recky Nelson Tarigan, representatives from the Batangtoru Military District Command (Danramil 01 Batangtoru), Inkanas Batangtoru Coach and Head of Napa Village, Hendri Saputra, and Inkanas Coach Novrinaldi. 

Training sessions will be conducted biweekly, scheduled for Tuesdays and Fridays. The training venues are situated at the PTPN 4 Batangtoru Plantation field and the Batangtoru Military District Command (Aula Koramil 01 Batangtoru). This youth development and sports initiative has garnered commendation from the District Leadership Communication Forum (Forkompincam) and the Inkanas Batangtoru Coach, as it not only enhances the potential and productivity of young individuals but also strives to establish a reputable sports sector increasingly embraced by the community.


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