Agincourt Resources Boosted ISMC with Sustainable and Responsible Mining Practices

Feb 24, 2024

The Indonesia Students Mining Competition (ISMC) was hosted by Institut Teknologi Bandung on February 23-24, taking place at the Cinta Field and East Hall of the institution. This 14th edition of ISMC drew participation from 15 skilled teams representing various universities, not only from Indonesia but also from Malaysia and Australia. ISMC stands as an international-level mining student competition, with its roots tracing back to the experience of the HMT-ITB team in the AusIMM Students Mining Competition held at the University of Queensland (UQ) in Brisbane, Australia, back in 1996.

ISMC included a range of events such as the Mining Expo, Mining Exhibition, and Mining Talks, where Senior Manager Commercial at Agincourt Resources, Jingga Ajani, was a featured speaker elaborating on the company’s role as the operator of the Martabe Gold Mine. The forum also highlighted various achievements and initiatives undertaken by Agincourt Resources, including efforts in gender diversity, accolades received, and the company’s contributions to societal welfare and environmental stewardship.

Angelia Apriani, a member of the ISMC organizing committee, expressed admiration for Agincourt Resources’ support for talent development and innovation in the mining industry, showcasing their dedication to the sector’s growth and advancement. She expressed her hope for continued collaboration between Agincourt Resources and educational institutions.

Agincourt Resources remains committed to collaborating with campuses through ISMC initiatives. It is hoped that this event will foster talent development and innovation within the mining industry, further demonstrating a dedication to the sector’s sustainable growth and progress. 


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