Releasing 8,000 Nila Nirwana Fish Seedlings to Become a New Source of Livelihood in Hapesong Village

Mar 31, 2024

In an effort to create a new source of livelihood or “alternative livelihood” based on local potential, especially freshwater fish commodities, Agincourt Resources conducted a training program on Nila Nirwana fish farming for seven farmers from the Kampung Sukamaju Fishermen Group in Hapesong Baru Village, Batangtoru District. 

Furthermore, on Sunday, March 31, 2024, 8,000 Nila Nirwana fish seeds were released into four ponds of the Kampung Sukamaju Fishermen Group, which had previously been given dolomite lime to neutralize the pH of the pond water. After a harvest period of 3-4 months, the seeds are expected to produce 1,440 kg of fish. 

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This seed release event was also attended by the Head of Hapesong Baru Village, Zulkarnaen Siregar, the Village Secretary, Halomoan, and the Head of Kadir Hamlet. Representing Agincourt Resources, Community Relations Superintendent Sugeng Maskat, Community Services Superintendent Yayan Nuryawan, and Public Relations Manager Reni Radhan were present. 

Through this training program, it is hoped that farmers will understand and be able to prepare and do what is needed to improve the quality of the ponds (drying, fertilization with compost and urea, liming), understand and be able to practice the techniques and methods of filling the ponds with both quantity and quality (pH of water), understand and be able to practice the technique of spreading seeds, understand and be able to control the types of pests and diseases in freshwater fish farming ponds (type, dose, method, and time), and understand and be able to determine the best harvest time and its management. 

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