The First Harvest of Garoga River’s Lubuk Larangan Followed by 250 Surrounding Residents

Apr 14, 2024

Sunday, April 14, 2024 – Lubuk Larangan in Garoga River, Garoga Village, Batangtoru, South Tapanuli, North Sumatra, made history with its inaugural harvest in 2024. This event marks the success of releasing 4,000 seeds of catfish, tilapia, and carp in September 2023.

The Lubuk Larangan Zone, spanning 1.5 kilometers, is an area jointly agreed upon by the community for preservation. In this area, activities such as fishing are prohibited for certain periods. However, for this year’s inaugural harvest, initiated by the community with full support from Agincourt Resources, Lubuk Larangan was opened to the public.

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The enthusiasm of the community was remarkable. A total of 250 people from four districts/cities, namely South Tapanuli, Central Tapanuli, Sibolga, and Mandailing Natal, registered as participants. Since morning, they flocked to Garoga Village, bringing fishing gear, some even came with their families

The Head of Garoga Village, Risman Rambe, revealed that from the sale of 250 tickets for the opening of Lubuk Larangan, the village earned Rp25 million in revenue. The funds will be saved to later purchase an ambulance for the village.

Agincourt Resources’ Manager of Community Relations, Masdar Muda, appreciated the community’s enthusiasm and hoped that this program could continue sustainably. He added that Agincourt Resources is committed to continuously supporting environmental conservation and community empowerment in its operating areas.

The inaugural harvest of Lubuk Larangan in Garoga River not only brings abundance of fish to the community but also serves as tangible evidence of collaboration and care in preserving nature. This program is expected to inspire other villages to implement Lubuk Larangan systems for the sustainability of biodiversity and community welfare.

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