Agincourt Resources Introduces the Martabe Prestasi Scholarship Program in South Tapanuli District Schools

Apr 18, 2024

Agincourt Resources is committed to advancing education in South Tapanuli District by introducing the Martabe Prestasi Scholarship program to high-achieving students in two high schools, namely SMAN 1 Batang Toru and SMAN 1 Angkola Barat. The awareness campaign was held on Thursday, April 18, 2024, to provide comprehensive information about the scholarship program and motivating students to continue excelling academically.

At SMAN 1 Batang Toru, the event was attended by 70 potential scholarship recipients. They received detailed explanations about the selection criteria, scholarship benefits, and application procedures. “We are very grateful for this opportunity. This scholarship can be a motivation for us to study harder and achieve more,” said Hairani Harahap, one of the students.

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The same enthusiasm was evident at SMAN 1 Angkola Barat, with 65 potential students in attendance. During the counseling session, students were encouraged to understand the importance of academic achievement in realizing their aspirations. “We hope this program can open up wider opportunities for high-achieving students who face financial constraints,” said Salamat Siregar, the Principal of SMAN 1 Angkola Barat.

The Martabe Prestasi Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to high-achieving students. It is hoped that with this program, more students will have the opportunity to pursue higher education and achieve their dreams.

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