Sipenggeng Village Residents Initiate Red Onion Cultivation for Economic Development and Welfare

Apr 29, 2024

Agincourt Resources has demonstrated its commitment to supporting economic development and community well-being in mining-adjacent villages by initiating red onion cultivation in Sipenggeng Village on April 22 and 29, 2024. This decision was based on the superiority of red onions as a superior commodity, including their resilience to inflation, wide market opportunities, and supportive climate and soil conditions in the village.

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Within the framework of this program, Agincourt Resources set several targets that were successfully achieved. Five farmers and one Penyuluh Pertanian Lapangan (PPL) were successfully trained and gained in-depth knowledge of bulb selection, land preparation, and red onion planting techniques. In addition, the red onion production from 0.7 hectares of land reached 8.56 tons, marking the initial success of this program.

In addition to providing capital and training, Agincourt Resources also assisted in marketing the harvest. Collaboration with local distributors and traders has become an important strategy to ensure that red onions from Sipenggeng Village can be well absorbed in the market.

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With the success achieved, Agincourt Resources reaffirms its commitment to continue seeking new opportunities to enhance local potential and create more business opportunities for villagers. Thus, the company not only plays a role as a business stakeholder but also as a sustainable development partner for communities around the mine.


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