Agincourt Resources Continues Training and Makeup Artistry Competency Testing to Enhance Competitiveness and Marketability of MUAs in the Mining Ring 

May 20, 2024

Agincourt Resources is committed to enhancing the competence of its MUA (MakeUp Artist) trainees by conducting training and competency testing in traditional bridal makeup for South Tapanuli and Mandailing Natal. The training was held for seven days, May 13-19, 2024, at the Doorsmeer Berkah Meeting Room, Sumuran Village, Batangtoru District, in collaboration with the Minny Training and Education Center (LKP). On May 20, 2024, the participants took the competency test at the Sopo Daganak Building, Napa Village, Batangtoru District, which was held in collaboration with the Mora Padangsidimpuan Competency Testing Center (TUK) and the Central Competency Certification Body (LSK). 

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A total of 20 MUA trainees from Agincourt Resources in the mining ring area enthusiastically participated in this training and competency test. All of them were declared eligible to receive competency certificates in traditional makeup for South Tapanuli and Mandailing Natal with satisfactory results. 

This training and competency test is a form of Agincourt Resources’ commitment to continue developing the capacity of the community in the mining ring area. In his speech when opening the training, the Head of the Central LSK RA, Kanas Kosasih Koesoemadinata expressed his appreciation to Agincourt Resources for providing opportunities for people in the mining ring area to develop their talents and interests so that they can become independent in the future. It is hoped that with the training and certificates they receive, the participants will be increasingly competitive and have increased marketability. 

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