Pastry and Bakery Training Creates ‘Sweet’ New Opportunities for Culinary Entrepreneurs in Mining Area 

Jun 15, 2024

The aroma was enticing, the flavors captivating. The pastry and bakery training held at Sopo Daganak, Napa Village, Batangtoru District, from June 10-15, 2024, was like a delectable symphony that opened the doors to ‘sweet’ new opportunities for 19 culinary entrepreneurs in the mining area. Guided by four skilled instructors from Nazwa Aneka Kue Medan, led by Nazliana, the participants delved into the world of pastry and bakery with great enthusiasm. Stunning bread and pastry creations emerged from the hands of the skilled participants, ready to take them to culinary success. 

Twenty types of culinary products from six categories were practiced together, ranging from wet cakes, bread, to pastries, which the participants could taste directly. As an evaluation, on the last day of training, the participants were asked to bring one type of product from the recipes they learned. Of all the products brought, 95% were rated good by the instructor team. 

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This activity is a manifestation of Agincourt Resources’ commitment to empowering the community around the mine. Through the development of Human Resources (HR) capacity in the culinary business sector, it is hoped that new products will emerge with high quality and selling power, which can support the economic growth of culinary entrepreneurs. 

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