Enhancing the Competence of South Tapanuli Healthcare Workers by Doctor Specialist 

Jun 29, 2024

On Saturday, June 29, 2024, the Sigumuru Madrasah Hall in Angkola Barat District became a testament to Agincourt Resources strong commitment to improving healthcare services. In collaboration with the Tapanuli Selatan District Health O‑ce and the Tapanuli Selatan District General Hospital, Agincourt Resources held a Health Seminar attended by 151 participants, including Puskesmas staff and Posyandu cadres from Batangtoru, Muara Batangtoru, and Angkola Barat Districts. 

This seminar was not only a forum for sharing knowledge but also an important moment to strengthen the capacity of local health workers. Three leading specialist doctors were presented as speakers, Dr. Ryan Andrian, M.Ked, Sp.OG (obstetrics and gynecology specialist) who presented the material “Optimizing the Role of Cadres and Village Midwives in Monitoring the Health of Pregnant Women to Reduce Maternal Mortality and Infant Mortality”, dr. Syahreza Hasibuan, M.Ked (Ped), Sp.A (pediatrics specialist) with the material “Management of Seizures in Children”, and dr. Abdus Somad Harahap, M.Ked (PD), Sp.PD (internal medicine specialist) with the material “Detection and Management of Gout Arthritis”. 

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Senior Manager Community Agincourt Resources Christine Pepah stated that this seminar is part of the Community Development and Empowerment Program (PPM) initiated by the Company, especially in the field of public health. The participants showed high enthusiasm during the event, actively asking and answering questions from the resource persons. The success of this event demonstrates Agincourt Resources’ dedication to supporting public health through improving the knowledge and skills of health workers. Thus, it is hoped that health services in the operational area can continue to improve and provide sustainable benefits to the community. 

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