Martabe Gold Mine Handover the South Tapanuli Sipirok Botanical Garden View Tower

Direktur Keuangan/CFO PTAR Noviandri L. Hakim bersama Bupati Tapanuli Selatan Syahrul M. Pasaribu menandatangani berita acara serah terima Menara Pandang Kebun Raya Sipirok

Batangtoru, 3 February 2021–PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR), the operator of the Martabe Gold Mine in Batangtoru, South Tapanuli hands over the viewing tower building (Menara Pandang) facility with a height of +31.5 meters in the Sipirok South Tapanuli Botanical Garden to the South Tapanuli Regency Government, Monday, February 01, 2021.

The handover ceremony of this facility was carried out by implementing a strict health protocols by the Director of Finance / CFO of PTAR Noviandri L. Hakim representing the President Director of PTAR Muliady Sutio to the Regent of South Tapanuli, Syahrul M. Pasaribu. The handover ceremony was also attended by the Board of Directors of PTAR, Director of External Relations Sanny Tjan, Director of Engineering Ruli Tanio.

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“The construction of Menara Pandang as one of the supporting facilities at the Sipirok Botanical Garden is one of PTAR’s contributions through the PPM program in the environmental sector. Our hope is that Sipirok Botanical Garden can become a destination or regional-managed tourist destination that has advantages and has a broad impact on the development of South Tapanuli Regency in general,” said Muliady.

Muliady emphasized that PTAR as a member of the Astra Group continues to be committed to providing optimal benefits for all stakeholders, especially around the operational area of the Martabe Gold Mine. One of them is the development of the Sipirok Botanical Garden as a center for environmental education and a tourist destination in South Tapanuli.

“Biodiversity has become a major concern of PTAR through various careful and targeted environmental management programs. One example is the Martabe Gold Mine nursery that cultivates local plant seeds to support rehabilitation programs; this is in line with the vision of developing the Sipirok Botanical Garden which aims to preserve sustainability environment and will also function as a research centre education) and a centre for the conservation of rare plants or flora in South Tapanuli and its surroundings,” added Muliady.

PTAR Operations Director Darryn McClelland explained that the main building of Menara Pandang has an area of about 583 square meters with a height of +31.5 meters from the ground floor of the building. Menara Pandang consists of 7 floors, equipped with an elevator unit (lift) and a generator room building unit. Taking into account the safety factor against the potential for earthquakes and winds at the site, Menara Pandang was built using a prestressed concrete pile that is tied with reinforced concrete beams. The frame structure uses a steel frame with reinforced concrete composite floor construction.

“The support provided by PTAR in the construction of Menara Pandang starts from building planning and design, pile foundation work, structural work, electrical work and elevator elevator installation. The total budget spent by PTAR for the construction of Menara Pandang is more than 13 billion rupiah,” explained Darryn.

PTAR Senior Manager Community & Security Pramana Triwahjudi added that in its implementation, the construction of the Sipirok Botanical Garden View Tower was carried out by several national and regional scale contactors, namely PT Gasindo Pratama for Structural and Architectural Work, PT Titilasembada Primandiri for Mechanical & Electrical Works, and PT Mitsubishi Jaya Elevator and Escalator for the provision and installation of elevator lifts.

“PTAR always coordinates with the PU&PR Office in design approval and supervision during work and the South Tapanuli Regency One Stop Investment and Integrated Service Office for all matters related to licensing,” Pramana said.

Pramana explained that the construction of Menara Pandang began with a ground breaking event on August 14, 2020 by planting the first stakes by the Regent of South Tapanuli Syahrul M. Pasaribu which was attended by several representatives of PTAR management, and Chairman of the South Tapanuli DPRD Husin Sogot Simatupang and a number of invitations at the Garden location. Raya Sipirok. The construction of the Sipirok Botanical Garden is relatively very fast because it only took about 4 months since October 2020 while still prioritizing quality in accordance with the approved specifications and work safety factors during the work process.

Regent of South Tapanuli, Syahrul M. Pasaribu, expressed his gratitude for PTAR’s support for the construction of the View Tower in the Sipirok Botanical Garden.

“View Tower will be a very valuable regional asset for South Tapanuli. We are optimistic that the View Tower and the South Tapanuli Sipirok Botanical Garden will become an icon in the West Coast Region of North Sumatra, even an icon in Indonesia, after the Bogor Botanical Gardens,” he said.

Kebun Raya Sipirok has an area of ± 90 hectares located in the South Tapanuli Government Office Area, and will function as a research (education) center and a conservation center for existing rare plants or flora as well as a tourist destination for the South Tapanuli area and its surroundings. The management of the Sipirok Botanical Garden is accompanied by LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences) in providing guidance for research centers and centers for the conservation of rare plants or flora, including providing technical training (seeding, planting, maintenance and botanical garden rules) to UPT Kebun Raya Sipirok. The Sipirok Botanical Garden is supported by Freelance Daily Workers (BHL) employees as workers who are very militant about Plantation and have received Education and Training (Diklat) on Plantation Techniques and Global Positioning System (GPS) Training from LIPI and Geographic Information System (GIS) from the Tapsel Regency Government.

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According to the master plan, the Sipirok Botanical Garden is divided into several zoning, namely timber zoning, orangutan food zoning, industrial plant zoning, etc. A number of plants in the Sipirok Botanical Garden are a grant from LIPI and the result of independent exploration from the Tapsel Regency Government team and the participation of other parties. In the area of the Sipirok Botanical Garden, the local Tapanuli endemic fruit which is almost extinct has also been planted, including hapundung, bukbak, hopong, red bark and many more.

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