Support towards Tuberculosis Free, Agincourt Resources Launches the ENTAS-TB Program

BATANGTORU, 25 July 2022 – PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR), the operator of Martabe Gold Mine, launched a Program towards Tuberculosis-Free South Tapanuli (ENTAS-TB) and disbursed fund of IDR 450 million to suppress the infectious disease incidents of tuberculosis in South Tapanuli, North Sumatra.

The program is expected to be able to help the Indonesian government’s target reduce the Tuberculosis (TB) incidents and reduce TB deaths at a national level. The cooperation agreement of the ENTAS-TB Program for 2022 was signed by PTAR, South Tapanuli Health Agency, and Foundation of Koninklijke Nederlandse Centrale Vereniging tot bestrijding der Tuberculose (KNCV) Indonesia on 20 July 2022.

PTAR General Manager Operations, Rahmat Lubis, said that health is one of the five implementing pillars of the Community Development Program held by PTAR.

“In the health program, we focus on the revitalization and acceleration of public health quality and services. For example, the increase in health quality for elderly, healthy youths, pregnant women, children, and general public,” Rahmat said.

The ENTAS-TB Program is aimed to help eradicate the health problem in South Tapanuli. Based on the data of the Foundation of KNCV Indonesia, in South Tapanuli there are 378 TB cases. This number is equivalent to 36% of the estimated 1,037 cases per 2021. Meanwhile, in an Elimination Roadmap prepared by the Health Ministry, Indonesia’s target in 2030 is 90% decrease in TB incidents and 95% decrease in TB deaths compared to 2014. 

PTAR Senior Manager Community, Christine Pepah, said that ENTAS-TB Program supports the acceleration of TB elimination in 2030 through the partnership network development and increase in capacity by actively finding cases and mentoring TB patients in South Tapanuli. Specifically, this program will produce the Regional Action Plan Document and Cross-Sectoral Forum to eliminate TB by 2030.

“This program will also strengthen the health workers capacity and TB cadres in the active finding and encourage the cross-sectoral forum to realize TB-free pilot villages in seven targeted villages in two sub-districts, namely Batangtoru and Muara Batangtoru,” Christine said.

The seven targeted villages are Aek Pining Kelurahan, Telo Village, Batuhula Village, Hapesong Lama Village, Wek Kelurahan, Terapung Raya Village, and Bandar Hapinis Village.

The Head of South Tapanuli Health Agency, Sri Khairunnisa, said that the ENTAS-TB Program which is currently focused on two sub-districts, namely Batangtoru and Muara Batangtoru, can later be adopted in other sub-districts.

“This Program conducted by PTAR supports the activity which has been conducted by the District Government. We hope that this program can be a pilot project adopted by other sub-districts to accelerate TB elimination,” Sri said.

She appreciates PTAR which has held the ENTAS-TB Program to help eradicate TB in South Tapanuli and contribute to solve the problem of infectious TB disease in Indonesia.

In July 2022, PTAR also launched the Program of the Integrated Services Center (Posyandu) Revitalization di seven pilot villages towards Martabe Healthy Villages (Desa Sehat Martabe) in Batangtoru Sub-district and Muara Batangtoru Sub-district. The Program involves the Health Agency of South Tapanuli and health services provider, CV Sinergi Medika Indonesia.

The posyandu revitalization is targeted to be able to increase the nutritional status and health of mothers and children. In addition, the posyandu revitalization can improve the posyandu strata and posyandu management system in the seven villages of the assisted areas.

Martabe Gold Mine Overview 

The Martabe Gold Mine is managed and operated by PT Agincourt Resources. The mining area covers an area of 30 km² which is under the sixth generation Contract of Work (COW) with a total area of 1,303 km². The Martabe Gold Mine is located on the west side of the island of Sumatra, Batang Toru Sub-district, North Sumatra Province. 

The Martabe Gold Mine began full production on 24 July 2012 and has a resource base as of 30 June 2021, of 7.5 million oz of gold and 66 million oz of silver. The operating capacity of the Martabe Gold Mine is more than 6 million tonnes of ore per year to produce more than 300,000 ounces of gold and 2-3 million ounces of silver per year.  

PT Agincourt Resources involves more than 3,000 employees and contractors, around 99% of whom are Indonesian citizens, and more than 70% are from local villages. 

PT Danusa Tambang Nusantara (PTDTN) holds 95% shares of PT Agincourt Resources. PTDTN is a subsidiary of PT United Tractors Tbk. with 60% share ownership and PT Pamapersada Nusantara with 40% share ownership, as well as part of PT Astra International Tbk business group. A total of 5% of PT Agincourt Resources’ shares are owned by South Tapanuli District Government and North Sumatra Provincial Government. 


For other information, please contact: 

Katarina Siburian Hardono 

Senior Manager Corporate Communications of PT Agincourt Resources 

M +62 811 9005146 

E [email protected]


Photo 1: The coordination meeting among PT Agincourt Resources, the Health Agency of South Tapanuli, and stakeholders in the Program towards TB-Free South Tapanuli (ENTAS-TB) in the Community Health Centre (Puskesmas) of Batangtoru, 22 July 2022. (Doc: PTAR).

Photo 2: PT Agincourt Resources along with the Health Agency of South Tapanuli and CV Sinergi Medika Indonesia collaborate to increase the public health services by revitalizing the Posyandu in seven pilot villages towards the Martabe Healthy Villages (Desa Sehat Martabe) (Doc: PTAR).

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