Martabe Gold Mine Again Holds The 2021 Journalistic Competition

Dec 14, 2021

Batangtoru, 10 December 2021 – PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR), the operator of Martabe Gold Mine again holds the 2021 Martabe Gold Mine Journalistic Competition for media professionals in North Sumatra. In this competition, which is held for the fifth time, PTAR invites journalists in North Sumatra to submit their journalistic work in the form of feature news and in-depth reporting with the theme “Conserving the Environment for the Future.”

PTAR Senior Manager Corporate Communications Katarina Siburian Hardono stated that the 2021 Martabe Gold Mine Journalistic Competition is intended to appreciate the mass media journalists in North Sumatra who have been supporting Martabe Gold Mine operations to date through their journalistic works.
“Fellow journalists have been one of PTAR’s main stakeholders together with the Government, community and other institutions to assist and supervise the Company in realizing its commitment to responsible mining governance,” said Katarina.
“On 24 July 2022, it will be ten years of Martabe Gold Mine full operations. All this time, we have truly felt the attention, support and care of our media fellows,” she said.

Regarding the chosen theme, Katarina explained, for almost ten years of operations, Martabe Gold Mine operated by PTAR has consistently performed sustainable and world-class mining practices. Martabe Gold Mine is surrounded by forests, waterways, farms, and settlements. Environmental protection is one of the company’s highest priorities.

PTAR understands the impacts of mining operations on biodiversity, and in all operational aspects, PTAR continues to refer to the development of the Code of Practice for Biodiversity Protection. “We are always committed to implementing biodiversity management to minimize and even avoid operational impacts,” Katarina said. She added that the efforts to conserve the environment and manage biodiversity are a shared responsibility. Synergistic cooperation between the company, community, government and other related institutions is crucial to achieve the goal of conserving the environment for the future.

Katarina explained, the 2021 Martabe Gold Mine Journalistic Competition is for journalists in North Sumatra who work in mass media (print, online, and electronic). The said mass media are those that have legal entities and are registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenkumham) and are recommended by the Press Council. Journalistic works that can be submitted are original and independent works, their authenticity can be accounted for, not adaptations, not translations, not summaries, do not contain ethnicity, religion, race and inter-group (SARA), are not classified as commercial or advertorial advertisements, and have never been included in competitions or other journalistic competitions.

For each category, journalists can submit a minimum of one and a maximum of three writings. The journalistic works have been published in the respective mass media within the period 7 December 2021 – 7 January 2022. Winners will be announced in early February 2022. Journalistic work along with other requirements such as complete and clear personal data; participant’s name, mass media, office address, contact number, email address, scanned ID/SIM and valid press card sent by email to [email protected].

Of all journalistic works submitted, the three best works will be selected to compete for prizes worth a total of tens of millions of rupiahs. Taxes and other fees are borne by the winner. Jury’s decision of the winner is irrevocable. The winning journalistic work will become the property of the organizer. “We invite all journalists in North Sumatra to participate in the 2021 Martabe Gold Mine Journalistic Competition,” concluded Katarina.


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