Organizing Motivation Sharing, Agincourt Resources Believes Martabe Prestasi Scholarship Achieve a Brilliant Future 

Oct 30, 2022

On Sunday, October 30, 2022, PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR) held a Motivation Sharing activity for Achievement Martabe Children with the theme “Preparing Yourself for a Brilliant Future with Brilliant Achievements”. The participants of this activity are the recipients of the 2017-2022 Martabe Prestasi Scholarship High school and college level in South Tapanuli. A total of 96 participants attended this event, 67 participants attended directly at the event venue, namely in Sopo Daganak, Napa Village, Batangtoru District. Meanwhile, 29 others attended online. 

 Motivation Sharing Event that brought in as a resource person, dr. Ramlan Zuhair Pulungan, CPS, CH, CHt, Cl, CT, NNLP has a goal to prepare Martabe Achievement Scholarship winners to organize a bright future with brilliant achievements. In the presentation, motivation and solutions were given so that the participants could be observant in seeing every opportunity that existed and become useful people for the surrounding community. 

Community Development Manager Rohani Simbolon said in his speech that PTAR supports all activities that have a good impact on the surrounding community, especially in terms of education. Through Sharing Motivation, he believes that the scholarship recipients can be confident and able to achieve a bright future. On the other hand, the participants admitted that they were satisfied with participating in the motivational activities, they admitted that they got new energy to be more confident in managing a better future and were ready to benefit the surrounding community.


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