On Ready Standby with Mine Emergency Response Plan

Mar 21, 2023

An Emergency Response Plan (ERP) is one of the elements that must be owned by an organization that has a high disaster risk, such as mining companies. The daily operations in the mining industry are still a significant source of risk with regard to occupational safety and health (OHS). Various research studies and statistical data worldwide show that the number of serious injuries and fatalities still remains high despite substantial efforts the industry has put in decreasing those numbers.

ERP provides employees, contractors and visitors with the response procedures and preventive measures to follow that are essential for effective and timely management of an emergency situation, such as mine fires, explosions, entrapments or inundations. This Plan is of the highest importance that everyone involved in an emergency is aware of the correct procedure to be followed, their duties and their responsibilities. 

ERP prepares supervisory and other personnel to prevent and/or control an emergency by providing them with a common set of practices for an orderly response, outlining strategies to achieve early containment and control of an emergency, establishing a common set of rules to train all emergency response personnel, and assisting personnel in responding quickly and effectively to an emergency. Prompt action and advance preparation can help save lives and protect financial investments.

ERP will help us to determine the following:

• what actions can be taken to prevent an emergency;

• what precautions would minimize the effects of an emergency, should one occur;

• what immediate actions mine personnel should take to contain an emergency;

• whether mine employees have the skills necessary to carry out the procedures outlined within the ERP;

• who will assume temporary command of the emergency effort;

• who is in charge of which parts of the emergency operation;

• what kinds of services and mutual aid support are available to sustain rescue actions;

• how key personnel will obtain information and assess reports to make critical decisions; and

• what media relations procedures are necessary in the event of an emergency.

ERP needs to be reviewed periodically to assess the company’s current level of readiness by identifying areas for improvement or any new or altered conditions. Based on these reviews, management can then develop specific goals to improve the company’s emergency preparedness program or adapt it to changed circumstances.

ERP must be supported by an Emergency Response Team (ERT) formed to become the main ERP implementation unit. This work unit was also formed with the aim of fulfilling the requirements of OHSAS 18001:2007 clause 4.4.7 regarding emergency preparedness and response. ERT members plan and direct disaster response or crisis management activities, provide disaster preparedness training, and prepare emergency plans and procedures for emergency situations. ERT members have  toparticipate in specialized training simulations in order to keep their skills current. 

At PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR), the Martabe Gold Mine operator, ERT member is responsible to handling emergency situations with detail below:

• As rescuer when there is an emergency case and casualty at Martabe Site.

• As a firefighter in Martabe Site when there is a wildfire and to handle situations.

• Conduct regular inspection to fire extinguishers, hydrants, and smoke detectors in the Martabe area as per scheduled.

• Standby at critical activities when required as per risk assessment.

• Following the emergency procedure when responding to the critical situation.

• Always keep in shape and be ready to respond to emergency situations.

• Practice in all activities with safety procedures in the mining environment.

• Ready to be assigned as a rescue team for humanitarian missions in disaster areas on behalf of the company 

• Join with the ESDM team for disaster preparedness.

• Ready to be assigned to rescue competitions both on a local and national scale.

PTAR always equipped its ERT members with various training at least once a month to strengthen their preparedness. Not only to cope with workplace danger but also to assist in the management and recovery of various national disasters.


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