5th International Conference on Biosciences 2023 Agincourt Resources Intensifies Bioscience Innovations to Improve Quality of Environmental Management 

Aug 5, 2023

During the 5th International Conference on Biosciences (ICoBio) 2023, PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR) showcased its dedication to continually elevating environmental management quality through innovation. A presentation by Syaiful Anwar, the Superintendent of Environmental Site Support within the Environment Department, highlighted the outcomes of innovation in the form of “Assessing Phytoremediation Potentials of Heavy Metals in Selected Plant Species for Environmental Restoration of Gold Mining Areas.” This contribution fell within the thematic categories of Biodiversity, Biological Conservation, and Climate Change. Held in a hybrid format on August 2nd and 3rd, 2023, ICoBio 2023 was hosted by the Biology Department of IPB University at the IPB International Conference Center in Bogor. 

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Phytoremediation plants, renowned for their ability to absorb elevated levels of heavy metals and minerals, play a crucial role in mitigating environmental pollution. Their application proves instrumental in enhancing the quality of formerly mined land. Within the Martabe Gold Mine area, two such phytoremediation plants have been instrumental in the reclamation and rehabilitation process: sengon and white teak, both of which exhibit rapid growth. 

Furthermore, within the same thematic domain, noteworthy research findings have emerged from the instructional staff at IPB University’s Department of Biology, led by Prof. Dr. Ir. Nampiah Sukarno. Their study titled “Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Colonization of Scleria sumatrensis: Exploring a Non-Mycorrhizal Host Plant within the Cyperaceae Family Commonly Known as Non-mycorrhizal Host Plant”. 

Delved into the arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization of the indigenous shrub known locally as rija-rija or Scleria sumatrensis. Although typically considered a non-host for arbuscular mycorrhiza, this species was found to exhibit such colonization in the Horas soil stockpile bank region. The outcomes of this investigation hold significance, as they signify a potential boost in mineral nutrients within the soil. Consequently, they contribute to enhanced nutrient availability for plants, foster plant fertility, and facilitate topsoil regeneration for future reclamation efforts during operational and post-mining phases. This comprehensive research was conducted across various sites, including the Horas PTAR soil stockpile bank, PTAR nursery facility, and the mycology laboratory at IPB University’s Department of Biology. 

These findings collectively underline PTAR’s resolute commitment to advancing environmental stewardship and biodiversity conservation within and beyond the operational boundaries of the Martabe Gold Mine. Prof. Dr. Arif Satria, SP, M.Si., the Rector of IPB University, emphasized that the ongoing implementation of ICoBio 2023 underscores their unwavering dedication to bolstering biodiversity management. This commitment extends to groundbreaking bioscience innovations that align with the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

This international conference was organized in partnership with several universities from diverse nations, including Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, and the United States. 


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