Martabe Gold Mine’s 2023 “Buka Mata, Lihat Indahnya Dunia” Free Cataract Examinations and Surgeries Officially Launched 

Sep 14, 2023

On Thursday, September 14, 2023, PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR), the operator of Martabe Gold Mine, officially inaugurated a series of complimentary eye examinations and cataract surgery programs as part of the 2023 “Buka Mata, Lihat Indahnya Dunia” campaign. This event took place at Bhayangkara Level IV Hospital in Batangtoru.  

The commencement of these initiatives was led by PTAR’s Director Noviandri. Noviandri expressed, “The 2023 Free Cataract Surgery Program ‘Buka Mata, Lihat Indahnya Dunia’ is PTAR’s commitment to eliminate cataract-induced blindness by encouraging as many individuals as possible to undergo cataract surgery. Our aspiration is to provide everyone with optimal vision, thereby enhancing their quality of life.” 

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The event also saw the presence of AKBP Imam Zamroni, the Chief of South Tapanuli Police, Abdul Basith Dalimunthe, the Chairman of the South Tapanuli Regional People’s Representative Council (DPRD), Tommy Rivelino, the Head of Bhayangkara Batangtoru Hospital, representatives from Forkopimca Batangtoru, delegates from Mata Mencirim 77 Medan Hospital, PTAR’s General Manager Operations Rahmat Lubis and PTAR’s Management.  

The Martabe Gold Mine 2023 Free Cataract Surgery Program, “Buka Mata, Lihat Indahnya Dunia” was scheduled to take place at Bhayangkara Level IV Hospital Batangtoru on September 10-11, September 15-16, September 22-23, and September 29-30, 2023. The program would subsequently continue at Sipirok Regional Hospital on October 11-12, 2023, followed by Mata Siantar Hospital on October 20-21, 2023, concluding at Mata Mencirim 77 Medan Hospital on November 11-12, 2023. 

Abdul Somad Nasution, a 63-year-old resident of Muara Batangtoru District who teaches the Quran, expressed his gratitude to PTAR for the Free Cataract Surgery program. He shared, “I teach the Quran and tend to people’s gardens. Cataracts had limited my activities. It affected my Quran teaching and garden maintenance. However, with this free cataract surgery, I have hope for a full recovery, allowing me to resume my work and active lifestyle.” 


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