Agincourt Resources Facilitated Vocational Education Development Assessment Results at SMK Negeri 2 Batangtoru  

Jan 25, 2024

To continually enhance the quality of vocational education at SMK Negeri 2 Batangtoru, on Thursday, January 25, 2024, Agincourt Resources facilitated a workshop and presentation of the assessment results for the development of the Heavy Equipment Engineering (TAB) vocational education department. The activity was conducted to agree on follow-up plans based on the assessment results, present the progress of the link and match program, and socialize the strategic plan of the United Tractors Partner Schools (SOBAT).  

Previously, the assessment had been conducted from October 17-20, 2023. This assessment was a follow-up to the signing of the second period memorandum of understanding for the link and match program between Agincourt Resources and PT United Tractors Tbk. with SMK Negeri 2 Batangtoru, a collaboration aimed at achieving competency targets and teacher capacity requirements in line with the curriculum, such as the industry-based curriculum or the curriculum based on the Ministry of Education and Culture Regulation No. 16 of 2022 on the National Education Standards (SNP) for Vocational High Schools. The assessment results will serve as a roadmap for the school’s development, particularly in the Heavy Equipment Engineering Department.  

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Agincourt Resources’ Community Development Manager, Rohani Simbolon, mentioned that in addition to this program, the Company had donated a Smart Workshop intended to serve as a teaching factory for students. The Head of SMK Negeri 2 Batangtoru, Erikson Benjamin Marnaek Sihombing, expressed gratitude to Agincourt Resources and United Tractors for their support and committed to implementing all provided materials and optimizing all support.  

The event was also attended by representatives from the United Tractors Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team, Dimas Aryo Wicaksono, United Tractors School Institution Cooperation and Development team members Edy S. Pramono and Syaifuddin Zuhri, as well as representatives from the Branch Office of the Education Department of North Sumatra Region XI, and teachers from SMK Negeri 2 Batangtoru.  


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